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Contemporary Sexuality: Demise and Misunderstanding - Essay Example

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This essay describes contemporary issues on sexuality. There are several issues that come with it that are grounded in socio-cultural and political – economic premises. In the end, these can serve as a way to clearly see sexuality in an objective and critical lens…
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Contemporary Sexuality: Demise and Misunderstanding
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Extract of sample "Contemporary Sexuality: Demise and Misunderstanding"

Download file to see previous pages These have varied effects on parents. On the level of religious premise, the parents have the belief of procreation in sex and view that contraception is a “promotion of promiscuous behaviors” that makes teens as sexual objects (Elliot 31). On the other hand, the political-economic paradigms work on the level of class since some people have “privileges that buffers children from the need of contraceptive information,” which have a direct correlation with sexual behaviors (Elliott 31). In these cases, the views of the parents on teen sexuality take several factors into account. It can be seen that parents are staunch defender of their children especially girls. The girls are often mentioned due to dangers of teenage pregnancy, childbirth, HPV and HIV. However, several standards appear that undeniably confuse the view on sexuality, which are more dangerous for teens since there comes a problem of compliance, especially on which one to choose and to follow. It is very clear that in issues of contemporary sexuality, standards have an impact but the decisions of the kids cannot be controlled since the children are the ones that have the command of their own bodies. In such cases, dangers emerge. However, certain responses have been done to assure protection, especially for women. This is manifested through proposition of HPV vaccinations, which was contested later on due to primacy on the ideas of “female purity and parental rights” (Elliott 37). It can be seen that this is a public health issue, which clashes with parents’ norms and preferences. This becomes irreconcilable because moral standards play a crucial role. In most cases, much of the concern is directly to young women since the conditions that surround them place them at risk: teenage pregnancy, contraception and HPV. The parental and social control has a huge impact in determining sexual behavior in children.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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