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With the changing decades new modes of culture and understanding have emerged in the corresponding populations that were born during these periods. Throughout the 20th century two of the most prominent generations have been designated by socio-cultural critiques as the Millennial Generation and the Baby Boomers…
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Comparing Millennial Generation To Boomer
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Download file to see previous pages These generations constitute strong possibilities for analysis as they represent polar opposites in terms of birth, with the Baby Boomers constituting the generation born immediately after World War II and the Millennial Generation those born between 1982-2001. This essay examines these generations in terms of educational opportunities, One of the prominent areas of consideration between the Baby Boomer Generation and the Millennial Generation is the nature of educational opportunities. A notable consideration in these regards is the understanding that both generations emerged in an era of relative prosperity where pursuing higher education was not only a possibility, but an expected course of action for much of the population. Within this area of understanding statistical figures further elucidate areas of differentiation between the two generations. In terms of male education for Baby Boomers, it’s indicated that 25% have some college and 13% have four years of college or more. This is compared to males in the Millennial Generation wherein 34% have some college and 15% have four years of college or more. In these regards, the figures for individuals completing college are highly similar. This is not true for females where the disparity between the generations is marked, with 20% of Millennials completing four years of college or more as compared to 11% of Baby Boomers. These changing educational opportunities are also indicative of the shifting of gender roles among the two age groups. While Baby Boomers matriculated in an era where the male was still seen as the primary bread winner, the Millennial Generation increasingly saw the increase of women’s responsibility in the workplace. Another prominent area of consideration is the relative level of diversity between the Baby Boomer Generation and the Millennial Generation. One of the main considerations occurs in the reduction of the majority ethnicity between the two generations. In these regards, the Baby Boomer generation is noted to constitute 77% white, 9% Hispanic, and 12% black. This is compared to the Millennial Generation which demonstrates a demographic make-up of 61% white, 19% Hispanic, and 13% black. The main distinction between the two is clearly the strong rise in Hispanic populations between the generations. While this is indicative of shifts within these generations, it is also highly indicative of general shifts in the overriding population, both demographically and socio-culturally. While educational opportunities and diversity levels are statistically correlated they are also indicative of a number shifting attitudes and perspectives between the generations. Within this context of understanding, a number of qualitative understandings have been articulated. Starbucker presents the Baby Boomer contrast to Don Tapscott’s seminal text on the Millennial Generation Growing Up Digital. Among the comparative elements Starbucker considers contrasting attitudes on the nature of freedom, with both generations valuing it, but the Millennial Generation achieving heightened levels with increased access to digital technology, such as cell-phones and portable Internet access. Another prominent differentiation between the two generations is the outlook on the advance of technology. While the Baby Boomer generation experienced great technological leaps in terms of medical care, the television, and advancing car efficiency, the Millennial Generation has come to be almost identified with the shifting nature of technological progress. Another prominent area of consideration is the shifting attitudes towards the political spectrum. From a broad and qualitative under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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