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Definition of Weak and Strong Forces - Term Paper Example

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"Definition of Weak and Strong Forces" paper examines Newton’s laws, fundamental forces, the electromagnetic force, and the gravitational force. The author states that the force can cause a body to move and lose its shape. It all depends on the amount of force applied at a particular point in time…
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Definition of Weak and Strong Forces
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Extract of sample "Definition of Weak and Strong Forces"

Download file to see previous pages Several concepts of force have formed part of statics and dynamics since ancient times. Ancient contributions to statics ended in the work of Archimedes in the 3rd century BC, and even today it is a part of modern-day physics. On the contrary, Aristotle's dynamics included intuitive misunderstandings of the function of force which were in due course-corrected in the 17th century and ended in the work of Isaac Newton.

After the developments in the field of quantum mechanics, the knowledge has found out that each and every particle influence each another through fundamental interactions and consequently the standard model of particle physics demands that everything experienced basically as a "force" is actually mediated by gauge bosons. In particle physics, gauge bosons are bosonic particles that play the role of carriers of the fundamental forces of Nature. And these fundamental forces can be classified as strong, electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational (Young and Freedman). As mentioned earlier forces can be directly perceived as a push or pull, this can provide an instinctive framework for describing forces. The intuitive notion of force is quantified using operational definitions that are consistent with direct perception but are more precise. The SI unit for force is the Newton, which is defined by Newton = kg m/s2 as may be seen from Newton's second law (Nave n.pag).

Isaac Newton was the first person who argued explicitly that, generally, a constant force causes a constant rate of change (time derivative) of momentum. In fact, he gave the first and the only mathematical definition of the quantity force. He defined force with the following formula:

Newton explains that force is the time-derivative of momentum. Later Newton went on to publish his Principia Mathematica which used concepts of inertia, force, and conservation to explain the motion of all objects (Young and Freedman). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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