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Liberal Ideology and Classical Liberalism - Essay Example

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The purpose and aim of writing this paper “Liberal Ideology and Classical Liberalism” is to examine and understand, to some extent, the concept of Liberalism as a whole and then the parallels and differences between Modern Liberalism and Classical Liberalism…
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Liberal Ideology and Classical Liberalism
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"Liberal Ideology and Classical Liberalism"

Download file to see previous pages Classical Liberalism may be defined, as “a political philosophy laying strong emphasis on individual rights with minimal government intervention” (Urban Dictionary). It also advocates for free trade economy, open borders and segregation of roles of the state and church. Classical Liberalism also favors government dis-involvement and non-intervention in property or business rights, social matters and choice of association based on the notion that individuals have rights in addition to the rights granted to them by the state.Whereas, the definition of Modern Liberalism would be,” the positive and increased role of the state or the regulatory authority to protect the rights of an individual, thus advocating equality, justice, fair play and positive freedom in a welfare society”(J.M. Keynes). The state intervention allows fair distribution of resources, rewards and punishments and equality in a society.Despite the fact that Classical Liberalism and Modern Liberalism are two entirely different political concepts, the two have some parallels amongst them. Although there is rigorous competition between the two, bringing to light some clear differences, there is a visible overlap when considering the basis of ideology of liberalism. There are some parallel key concepts regarding this theory.First of all, both branches stress upon the importance and necessity of state to monitor and regularize affairs of a society. Both consider that without the existence of a state, rights of individuals in a society will not be protected. A state is needed so that individual rights are not trampled upon by others through stealing. The presence and intervention of a state provides a leveled playground to all with the state acting as referee ensuring that all players are guaranteed fair play, and equal opportunity in a healthy and positive competitive environment. The state acts as a restraining power to the egos of individuals so that the social contract among individuals is honored. Lack of established authority in a society might result in indulgence in destructive unrestrained freedom. The state is given the rights and powers of intervention through constitution and democracy (Jess Atkins 2013).
Another key aspect that both viewpoints share is the importance of individual. They commonly stress upon rights, safety, well being and guidance of an individual in a society. Natural rights of an individual form ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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