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Black Holes - Essay Example

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For centuries, humans have shown their interest in skies, which resulted in development of telescopes that allowed scientists to view objects and energies that are not visible to human eyes. Black holes are one of such discoveries of human astronomy that are considered as space…
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Black Holes
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Extract of sample "Black Holes"

Download file to see previous pages Based on this concept of black hole, scientists have tried to describe unseen surface of the black hole as ‘event sphere’ that at a conflict, does not allow any particle or object to return and thus scientists explain event sphere as the point of no return. The scientists named black hole as black because of its properties that mainly include absorbing everything that comes into its reach resulting in everything disappearing, thus black. Quantum physics and mechanics have contributed significantly in understanding of black holes that indicate that although black holes absorb everything that comes in its reach, however, there have been observations of a very weak emission from the black holes that has a temperature, which is inversely proportional to the mass of the black hole (Taylor & Wheeler, 2000).
Scientists believe that every galaxy has these black holes at their cores, which absorb all the left-out energies of these galaxies and thus they are denser and heavier than even the sun, which is a theoretical assumption and thus, has been criticised by many experts in the field who even do not believe in the existence of black holes. However, scientists who believe in black holes indicate that with their characteristic of absorbing everything, the black hole creates a spinning disk that confine nearby particles in the space. Few scientists have been successful in observing this accumulation-spinning disk on radio, x-ray, and gamma ray bands since emissions of black holes often become very warm and thus, come on the x-ray bands (Susskind & Lindesay, 2004). With these observations, a huge number of scientists have now proofs of real black hole at the core of Milky Way galaxy that is heavier than the four million solar masses, and it is assumed that this black hole has maintained its gravitational field and absorbing everything that comes in its vicinity.
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...observation. In the Milky Way, the supermassive black hole is known as Sagitarrius A*, which is read as “A-star” (Naeye & Gutro, 2008). Sagitarrius A* is known to be “27,000 light years from the Earth [and] is four million times bigger than the Sun” (Ghosh, 2012). However, NASA reports Sagitarrius A* to be 26,000 light years away from the Earth, and not 27,000 (“A Mystery,” 2002). In fact, the existence of black holes has long been theorized by British astronomer Sir Martin Rees in 1974 and, according to him, “Supermassive black holes [or] ones with a million or even a billion solar masses might exist within the centers of some galaxies”...
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...what we have understood through literature review and how much our understanding has enhanced about the basics of a black hole. The Conclusion The concluding part brings us on the result that through literature of previous writers and experts as well as by the critical analysis that our learning has been improved with respect to these most amazing objects i.e. black holes. Student Name: xxxxxxxx Subject: Physics Topic: Black Hole  22 April, 2013 Introduction Far away from us in the space, in the center of revolving cosmic storms, the extensive heat, high velocities, and at times the “space revolving buckles”. Photons flew out...
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..., to escape (Begelman, 2003), which implies that black holes cannot be observed. This essay will explore the concept of black holes, that is, all that is currently known about this phenomenon, how they are formed, and what can be learnt from them; similarly, this essay will also highlight how black holes are detected and how they are made. Conceptualizing black holes The appearance of an event horizon, the boundary in space-time through which matter and light are attracted inwards towards the mass of the black hole becoming trapped permanently, is the most...
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... earth and space, can only detect these black holes. Despite exhibiting dangerous properties, black holes do not cause any major threat to earth and its people. Black holes are formed when star undergoes destruction, although not all stars destroy themselves. “While most stars end up as white dwarfs or neutron stars, black holes are the last evolutionary stage in the lifetimes of enormous stars that had been at least 10 or 15 times as massive as our own sun” [1]. The fact is that because of the massiveness of these stars and the resultant presence of vast gas in it, intense gravitational field normally builds up and tries to collapse the star. In a way, it can be said that increased fusion reactions...
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