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Not everybody loved the Apollo space program - Essay Example

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Kennedy, the president of the United States (U.S) made one of the famous announcements of that time that before the end of the decade, that they will explore the space through successfully sending and American to the moon. The announcement occurred on 25th May, 1961…
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Not everybody loved the Apollo space program
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Download file to see previous pages The Apollo’s program size went beyond the Panama Canal in its size as the largest non-military technological activity the U.S engaged in throughout her history. The only comparable project to the Apollo was Manhattan project although from a different perspective as it involved wartime setting. The human space shift imperative served as a direct outgrowth of the earlier projects of Gemini as well as Apollo that had earlier been designed to execute the same goal. The successful accomplishment of the goal was however realized on 20th July, 1969 through the use of Apollo 11 when Neil Armstrong stepped out of the space shift and made contact with the moon’s surface (Walsh 13). Despite the significant achievement, majority of individuals as well as organizations within the federal state criticized the project of the Apollo Lunar Programs. The paper explores the main arguments presented by the critiques most of them based on the amount of money spent and the possible alternatives that the critiques argued the money would be spent (Bernstein 19). Consequently, the paper examines whether the options presented by the critics of the Apollo Lunar project change over time and if changes occurred, the presented alternatives are brought into perspective.
The fight for the balance of power between the US and the Soviet Union remain the primary reason that drove Kennedy to advance with the moon project. The soviet’s Union superiority in airspace exploration remained a significant driver for ensuring the US accomplished her mission of lunar exploration as a sign of pride and again to assume the superiority of the air. According to Kingsley, (29), “irrespective of the prestige that came about with the achievements; opinions from the public regarding the processes were divided.” When Neil Armstrong and Aldrin set foot on the moon, it marked the beginning of a process that led to the greatest opposition among scientists, scholars, as well as standard public ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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