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Ggggg - Assignment Example

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In the class notes we make use of the Drake equation as providing a statistical estimate of the number of civilizations that might exist in our Galaxy and are capable of communication. Recently, however, some scientists have argued that the Drake equation is an inaccurate…
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Assignment ggggg
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Download file to see previous pages If there are currently 2500 civilizations in our galaxy capable of communication, what is the approximate separation of these civilizations (in units of light years) if they are uniformly (e.g. equally spaced) distributed within this circular disk of stars?
3. Based on the responses you got from your circle of friends summarize what you think the relationship between humans and nature must be and whether or not that relationship has played out in the real world. Your generation is all about "sustainability" - based on your responses do you think that humans have the right characteristics to foster sustainability? If so, what are those characteristics, if not, how do you instill the needed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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