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Residual Valuation for Goliath - Research Proposal Example

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The paper “Residual Valuation for Goliath” focuses on the process of valuing land and other permanent assets that carry the development potential as Residual Valuation. It is possible to calculate the amount of money available for purchasing a given asset such as land…
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Download file to see previous pages Among other types of information, BCIS gives insights into historical cost information on various buildings. The national average tender prices that remain restricted to external works form the basis of providing information in addition to VAT and fees (Veil & Ahmling 2013). Depending on the location, authorities always adjust all the charges. Goliath should take the initiative to confirm the basis of the published cost of information especially at Preston, the gross geographical external area. Components include common parts as well as net lettable regions. It is possible that Preston could be charging a difference of up to twenty percent. The project management fees charged on external projects as well as the design team vary with an average of fifteen percent difference on professional fees. Fit out fees and refurbishment remain always higher compared to fees charged on new structures. Additional fees come on top of design fees and emanate from various sources (Bowerman & Van Wart 2011). The sources include feature lighting, landscaping, safety and health consultancy, building regulations approvals, planning consultancy, auditory consultancy, interior design, traffic modeling, environmental impact assessment (EIA), Building Information Modelling, as well as site inspectors. It is common to factor fees charged on the management of construction exercises under the cost of the building. The tradition in residual valuation is applying an average of seven percent contingency allowance depending on estimates of costs of a building. It takes care of cost risks and unpredictable circumstances. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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