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Contribution = Unit selling price – Variable Cost
= $12 - $0.40
= $11.60
Therefore, contribution is margin per haircut is $11.60…
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Institutional Affiliation
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Finance and Accounting al Affiliation) Contribution = Unit selling price – Variable Cost = $12 - $0.40 = $11.60 Therefore, contribution is margin per haircut is $11.60.

Break-even point = Fixed cost / contribution
Fixed cost = (9.90 * 5 * 40 * 50) + (1750 * 12)
= $120000
Break-even point = 120000 / 11.60
= 10345 units
Break-even point is 10345 units
Operating Income Calculation:
Revenue = ($12 * 20000) = $240000
Variable Cost = ($0.4 * 20000) = $8000
Fixed Cost = $120000
Operating Income = $ 112000
The operating income is $112000
Revision of compensation method:
New Contribution = $12 – ($6 +$0.4)
= $5.6
The new contribution margin per hair cut is $5.6
Break-point = (21000 + (4*5*40*50)) / 5.6
The annual break-even point is 10893 units
Epstein, M., & Lee, J. (2011). Advances in management accounting. Bingley, UK: Emerald.
Horngren, C. (1999). Management and cost accounting. London: Prentice Hall Europe. Read More
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