CMR Enterprise-Blackstone Partnership - Case Study Example

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WThis essay describes architectural millwork companies had stiff competition in residential and commercial construction markets. With residential works market size increasing by each day, CMR’s desire to remain a key player in the market was evident…
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CMR Enterprise-Blackstone Partnership
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Download file to see previous pages CMR’s decision to partner with Blackstone was a good call. According to the Harvard Business School Journal, the move was a strategic one as it provided the two organizations with an opportunity to grow in business. Besides, Blackstone had established and cut a niche for itself in the residential and home buyer market. The group was fronted for by various homebuyers for providing quality for the lowest price in the market.CMR, on the other hand, had established itself in the millwork industry, especially in the commercial business. CMR was looking forward to a business partner that would advance its prospects in the residential market. Blackstone was looking for a subcontractor who would meet its demand and would permit homeowners to make selections only from its partner subcontractors.The symbiotic relationship would allow both to provide favorable conditions to increase their individual revenues.
According to the article, Blackstone had an upper hand in the residential market, having produced year revenue of $400,000.In 1998, from the detailed report on profitability, especially the profitability of the Blackstone Homes jobs; CMR noted that they had indirect cost. One sales person, two project managers and one shop coordinator. The expenditure was $200,000. According to the Harvard Business School article on the CMR Enterprises, Blackstone Homes made a profit of $200,000 in the residential business. This was a good profit margin according to previous sales that they had while they used the Mike Cabinet's name. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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