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Sir William Blackstone - Essay Example

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The following essay "Sir William Blackstone" deals with an outstanding figure of William Blackstone. As the author puts it, William Blackstone, born in the year 1723 in London, England remains an important figure in the field of law in England and the United States. …
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Sir William Blackstone
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Extract of sample "Sir William Blackstone"

Download file to see previous pages Another strength of William Blackstone is depicted in the style he wrote the Commentaries. The Commentaries exhibit great simplicity, elegance, and clarity, especially in the language that was used to write it. The literary qualities employed are considered high, as well as the aspect of flattery on the side of public prejudices. For this reason, William Blackstone’s work had a great influence in England. This was accepted by the public and authorities in England as a revelation of the law that was highly authoritative. This served the same purpose to the educated class of England, as that of the publications of the previously unknown Roman laws to the Romans. Today, most of the English people still consider the criticism of William Blackstone of the English constitution, as a major political conviction.
To a larger extent, Sir William Blackstone had considerable weaknesses, which became a basis for his critics. First, Blackstone is considered to have had only a vague grasp of the basic conceptions of law. This is evident in his regard for the English law during his time. His perception of municipal laws was also highly questionable. He is also considered not to have a proper conception of the technical terms of the Roman law, owing to his distinction between the rights that pertain to people and those that pertain to things.
Although William Blackstone did not perform only the work that pertains to a legal commentator, he failed to address some important aspects in the social realm. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sir William Blackstone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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