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Financial strength and developments of Lonmin Plc - Essay Example

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In the paper “Financial strength and developments of Lonmin Plc” the author analyzes the world’s largest primary producers of the Platinum Group Metals - Lonmin Plc. The business of the corporation is engaged in the revealing, refining, extraction and marketing of PGM’s…
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Financial strength and developments of Lonmin Plc
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Download file to see previous pages Headquartered in Britain, Lonmin Plc’s selling is extended worldwide and the company’s flagship possessions is located in Marikana mine in South Africa. It has its effective operations in Canada and the group has total employees over 28,276 (Lonmin Plc Annual Report, 2014). The business also has joint ventures with Vakle and Walbridge. The company searches for PGM mineralization in Ontario and Northern Ireland project which is an initial stage exploration opportunity for the company (Lonmin Plc Annual Report, 2014).
1.3. Turnover of Lonmin Plc
As indicated from Lonmin Plc’s annual report, the yearly turnover produced by the business in the year 2014 is observed to be 582.4 billion (Lonmin Plc Annual Report, 2014). The revenue of the company is observed to be decreasing over the past five years as the operating expense of the company is increasing. The platinum sales of the group accounted for 701,831 ounces and for PGM sales it was 1,383,945 ounces. Asset turnover of Lonmin Plc is found to be $4,384.5 Million which deceased over the past five years (Lonmin Plc Annual Report, 2014). The consensus forecast amongst 20 polled investments analysts who covers the company advised the investors to grip their position in the group. The forecasts of the analysts indicate that the company in the near future is expected to outperform the market.
Lonmin Plc is listed in the London stock exchange and Johannesburg stock exchange and has been observed to major shares in the market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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