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(KR) has managed to remain both competitive in a highly flooded market and maintained a good reputation and exponential sales. One of the major reasons that seem to sustain the business is the innovation exhibited and demonstrated through various…
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DB1 Kroger School: Overall, the Kroger Co. (KR) has managed to remain both competitive in a highly flooded market and maintained a good reputation and exponential sales. One of the major reasons that seem to sustain the business is the innovation exhibited and demonstrated through various interventions. For instance, the firm has several retail chains including the Fred Meyer, King Soopers among other that help in reaching a wide market. In response to the paper, the writer has explained credible and truthful facts in the three major areas- Industry conditions, financial and the outlook. A case in point is the assertion that the firm has managed to mitigate competition fronted by the likes of Whole Foods. The above findings were shared by Plunkett (2011) who also noted that KR’s tendency to acquire firms, as was the recent case with the Harris Teeter, has solidified the company’s foundation. By engaging in merger or acquisition of other firms coupled with the never-ending commitment to innovation, KR’s success could be said to long lasting.
Besides availing facts on the company, the writer has demonstrated impeccable research skills as evidenced by a couple of things. First is the accuracy clarity of the figures about the company. For instance, Smith (2013) who asserts that the company’s sales have remained ahead of other firms besides Walmart further confirms the reporting of KR’s sales increase. Secondly, the writer was able to provide KR’s share price, which is currently $70. The three areas the writer has provided more than just clarity is the financial and industry position, and the subsequent economic outlook. In addition, by concluding the company’s investment potential to be okay, the writer’s assertions are informed by the in-depth research as well as tremendous statistical projections. Evidently, this paper’s quality can only be termed superb since it has met all the requirements in terms of facts, arrangement and avoidance of plagiarism. For that reason, this work is hereby described as exemplary for the reasons aforementioned.
Plunkett, Jack W., (2011). Plunketts Food Industry Almanac 2009: The Only Comprehensive
Guide to Food Companies and Trends. Plunkett Research Ltd.
Smith, A. F. (2013). Food and drink in American history: . Santa Barbara: California Read More
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DB1 Kroger Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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