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The report aims to carry out an investigation on the budget information problem at Metropolitan health care services company, concerned with the delivery of health care of services to the locals. I am the hold the position of an accountant to the company and I was tasked with…
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Budget Information Problem
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, the report wraps up with an analytical assessment of these budget information problems and suggests recommendations to address the budget information deficiencies.
I as the accountant carried out a survey on the state of the budget information problem. The budget information problem is as a result of a company not being transparent enough to itself and the public or parties concerned. There is no accountability in the way the budget funds are used and in this case. The report will consider the effect of the availability of budget information to Metropolitan health care services company (Tyler, 2007, p. 146). In so doing, it is essential be familiar with nature and organizational structure of the Metropolitan health care services company.
The report will establish the central issues in the budget information affecting Metropolitan health care services company. Besides, it suggests the available policy choices that it can employ in their budgeting processes. The company is expected to select a policy option that is in line with the goals in its budget financing. The report found that it was essential for the the company to have information on issues regarding the expenditure and revenue budget. Budget information is vital, and when it is unavailable, it could imply the lack of accountability and hence misappropriation of funds. Debt management information deficiency is also a constraint for the company’s budgetary processes. I observed that the approach taken by company concerning debt management is not appropriate in the budget stipulation. I hold the position that aims to reform the criteria and conditions that will enable the elimination of budget information problem at Metropolitan health care services company (Lindridge, 2011, p. 157).
There are frequent typical problems that exist in the budgetary making process at Metropolitan health care services company. One of the fundamental problems is budget information concerning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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