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Hacking the Accounting Information System - Essay Example

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Effective components a better information system must therefore be able to collect, manipulate, disseminate data and information. Through these related…
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Hacking the Accounting Information System
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Download file to see previous pages These authorized personnel will for this reason have passwords and codes to access these document. Mostly these passwords to the system will be only available to heads of departments. These passwords can sometimes be breached by individuals with capability to unlock them and thus access some accounts. This act of illegally accessing accounts of a firm by breaching their password is what is referred to as hacking. These hackers usually illegally enter into these accounts with the intentions of getting confidential information of that particular firm either to help them counter competition illegally.
Accounting system provides firms with a platform to record and document all their daily business transactions. In today’s technology environment, most firms choose to launch and keep their accounting system in modernized recording keeping platforms (Turner &. Weickgenannt, 2013). Accounting system can also be launched and kept through manual record keeping system though. Both manual and electronic systems come in with different benefits and challenges. Manual systems for example tend to be costly considering expenses and time needed to manage it. The manual system however provides a relatively better platform for understanding the underlying guideline of accounting (Turner & Weickgenannt, 2013). Electronic system on the other hand comes in handy in terms of speed of processing accounting data. These automated systems are never prone to mathematical errors. This error free attribute is due to the fact that in automated systems, the accountant just need to enter information and then the alternate steps like keeping up ledgers and accounts is performed from the prior information documented earlier.
The automated systems are thus quicker and work well in recovering already stored data. Most advance firms tend to prefer this system to the manual system. The automated system is however often exposed to several sever danger like hacking (Turner & Weickgenannt, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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