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The company is fortunate in that its customers and employees operate on a modern technology to enhance natural travel and customer assistance…
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DD Month YYYY FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE JAZEERA AIRWAYS GROUP Jazeera Airways Group is a company that aims at delivering a reliable and an efficient journey for both its customers and shareholders. The company is fortunate in that its customers and employees operate on a modern technology to enhance natural travel and customer assistance at any moment. The company operates only on modern aircraft this is to win the heart and trust of its clients. The aircrafts are also well equipped with modern technology and facilities with less noise output making the travelers feel very comfortable. This is a company that is making the profit with a sound annual financial report that shows its progress throughout the year (Horngren and Charles 2013).
The company’s profit have been increasing slowly throughout the years, and this can be clearly seen as from the year 2010 its average yield have been increasing until 2013 the yield is still elevating. This is a clear indication that the years to come the company average yield will still continue to grow. The company operates on a revenue of KD 65.6 million, this can be said to be its budget, out of this budget the company makes an operating profit of worth KD 20.6 million, after all the expenses have been catered for the company remains with a net profit of KD 16.7 million which can be shared among its shareholders and payment of its employees (Dron and Alan 2013).
The company performance have been increasing slowly by slowly hence this has made the company to outdo other flight companies, this can be seen as from the year 2011, the performance of the company was at equilibrium with other companies that offers the same service. When it came to the year, 2012 the company’s production increased by 9% making it be at 59% from 50% the equilibrium level. In the year 2013 when the financial report was being released it was noted that the company’s performance had increased further by 16%, unlike other companies that have been depreciating in the level of their performance. According to me, Jazeera Airways Group is better off than other companies, this is because it is making the spontaneous increase in production and profit from the year 2011 to the year 2013. Its performance is magnificent and encouraging.
The revenues that Jazeera Company had at the end of the financial year 2013 was 78%. The year 2012 the company made a profit of 76% showing an increase of 2% of income. This is an indicator of the increase in performance hence it can be said that the company made a positive profit increase. The company has also been, making a net profit from the year 2012 to the year 2013; we get to realize that company’s net profit increased by 16%. It can be concluded that company’s net income was better since there was an increase in the general income across the years. This is a pure indicator that the company will be able to maximize its profitability without spending a lot in expansion (Horngren and Charles 2013).
There is an increase in the addition of aircrafts and engines between the year 2012 and 2013, this is because from the report we can notice that in the year 2012, there was an addition of 17491631 that has increased in the year 2013. This is an indicator that the company is operating on profits. The increase in addition to engines and aircraft is because of the excellent services and good network across the globe, we can see that in 2013 the additions were up to 173256526 a significant adjustment as compared to the figures in 2012 (Dron and Alan 2013).
I can, therefore, conclude that Jazeera Company achieved its mission, this is because all its targets have been accomplished successfully without any decline in its performance and output.
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