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Financial Health of Al Rayan Bank of Britain - Term Paper Example

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This essay analyses that Al Rayan bank is developing quickly because it follows five values namely community oriented, sharia-compliant, good value, secure and pioneering. They embrace faith and with different sharia department and committees to embrace Islamic teachings and values…
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Financial Health of Al Rayan Bank of Britain
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"Financial Health of Al Rayan Bank of Britain"

Download file to see previous pages The bank offers high standard services (Report: Qatar, 2008). The bank has employed highly qualified personnel who are ready to serve their customers genuinely and acting with utmost good faith. This is the basis of their retail banking operations.The bank ventured in unique investment type. It invests n developing different types of infrastructure and human resource. The main objective of this kind of investment is to provide a unique state of the art of product to its clients.The bank has a strong asset base. Since it became a part of Masraf Al Rayan banks of Qatar it increased its asset size making money bank available for its customers. This means that the bank offers more products to its clients and can do more investment activities.WeaknessThe bank is faced with a big debt (Cornell, 2007). This debt accrues a lot of interest hence even if there is a lot of cash inflow realized there is still a huge amount of cash outflow that the bank therefore not realizing big returns from the activitiesExisting credit risks affect the bank negatively. This arises from those customers who fail to meet their obligations. It may also arise from their counterparties. This hence affects adversely the banks financial condition, results and future prospects.The bank should expand in other geographic areas both locally and internationally to add up opportunities for the bank. It can introduce mobile banking to enhance efficiency and come up software application for android and IOS devices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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