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Masraf Al-Rayan - Essay Example

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The customers’ deposits are given to other customers as loans that are later repaid with interest. Loans and other financial assistance play a significant…
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Masraf Al-Rayan
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Extract of sample "Masraf Al-Rayan"

Download file to see previous pages Masraf Al-Rayan is an Islamic banking that is concerned with financing, investing and other activities like brokerage. The bank is based in Qatar, and it is an international firm. The business model of the company is that it operates in corporate banking, retail banking and lastly through asset management. The corporate banking involves corporate finance and other advisory services that are needed by the customers. In corporate banking, the management is concerned with how capital is restructured, capital raising and valuation of the customers when they need loans to expand their businesses as well as mergers and acquisition. Additionally, it is also concerned with specialized investments and project finance among others.
The next business model is the retail banking that ensures that the bank considers current savings and the customer deposits accounts. The retail banking also plays a significant role in ensuring that it is financing the credit card for the customers, checking the kids account and ensuring that it is updated to the month the customers have paid (Mishkin and Eakins, 2009). It also ensures that the pay and the prepaid cards are financed fully so that customer complaints are reduced and ensure efficiency in the company. It plays a critical role in ensuring that private banking products and services are offered to the customers.
The last business model is the asset management for the customers and the bank assets that they have been acquired through credit or buying cash. It also ensures that cash management is controlled so that customers can get the capital any time that is required as long it is business working hours. Business planning and financing is the role of the asset management department. The aim of the department is to carry valuation and then fund the business so that the bank and customers can gain from those investments. The financial brokerage makes it possible for the bank to buy real estates and later sell them to the customers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Masraf Al-Rayan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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