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The data flow diagrams is a modelling technique that allows use of pictures to convey how information data flows through the systems connected by pipelines of data (Thomas Hathaway, 2015). The flow of information shows the source and the destination of the data.
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Data flow diagrams The data flow diagrams is a modelling technique that allows use of pictures to convey how information data flows through the systems connected by pipelines of data (Thomas Hathaway, 2015). The flow of information shows the source and the destination of the data.
They are different types of symbol sets that’s are used depending on the profession, most common sets are Gane and Sarson symbol sets and Yourdon symbol sets. To create better and understandable flowchart the following simple guidelines must be adhered to;
Naming conventions must always be taken care of with processes using strong verbs and dataflow, datastore and external entities using nouns.
A minimum of one input and output of dataflow in each process of a DFD.
A DFD must have a maximum of 7 - 9 processes.
Dataflow must begin and end with a process and not splitting
The external entities must be marked on the right hand top corner with a diagonal line.
A process is used to communicate logical departments in an organization and looping of the process is not allowed.
Data stored and flowing in a system must go through a system.
Always use sandwich rule to connect input and output processes and the symbols must be of standard and appropriate.
For clarification in DFD use comments and annotated descriptions.
Some of the standard symbol are

Input or output Document
Computer processes Data flow
Complex DFD are done through a process called decomposing, modelling hierarchy or leveling; this process of leveling is series of detailing diagrams until all the primitive functions are properly identified. When DFD fits on a single window is known as level 1 DFD. Level 2 is a DFD that expands the level 1 or top-level. All the levels below are level 3, level 3 and so on. A level that cannot be further be decomposed is called bottom-level process (Systems Analysis and Design, n.d.).
Flowchart assists the auditors and accountants in analyzing the current system of the organization for the control loopholes and weakness ants the reporting the same to the management. This assists the auditors in defining the audit trail, follow it up and finally evaluate the system. Further it assists in assessment of the control risk of the company.
The system analyst use the flowcharts to show how the information flows in an organization environment, thus each department is evaluated on the data is receiving and sending and makes sure only the valid and necessary data is exchanged.
A computer programmer uses both pseudocode and flowcharts to design programs in that they use it to design the systems flowchart.
A security expert managing internal data uses the DFD in identifying the weakness in internal data control and looking ways to improve by indicating new systems in organization.
A system designer uses DFD in improving the existing system or overhauling the existing system by replacing it.
Systems Analysis and Design. (n.d.). Retrieved from Data Flow Diagrams:
Thomas Hathaway, A. H. (2015). Data Flow Diagramming by Example. BA-Experts. Read More
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