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Impacts of Taxation on Small and Big Businesses - Essay Example

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Business organisations take two forms either big or small. Small businesses include small incorporated firms that are taxed as companies and the self-employed sole traders that…
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Impacts of Taxation on Small and Big Businesses
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Download file to see previous pages ne either by an individual who is self-employed in his or her own small business or by a person who owns, manages and is the employee of his or her own business. If the treatment of tax of the income is derived from such activities differs greatly depending on the legal form in which the businesses are conducted, then the system of tax is more likely going to have a strong influence on the ways small and bug businesses are structured.
Without any good reasons for favouring one legal form over the other, such distortions ought to be avoided. This will need both the same treatment of income from employment and self-employment within the personal system of tax and a similar treatment of income derived from small business and from small unincorporated business within the whole tax system (Welsh & White 2001, pp.18 – 27).
As well as having these variety of legal forms, a second fundamental reason as to why small business do present vital challenges for tax design is that the income derived from the activities of small businesses do reflects a mix of rewards for labour supplied by those who work for the business and returns to the supplied capital by those who invest in the business (Button 2009, pp.389–408).
The United Kingdom business community makes a huge contribution to the treasury’s coffer every fiscal year in terms of tax contribution. In the previous financial year, a total of one hundred and sixty three billion sterling pounds was paid as taxes by the business that are operating in the UK. Breaking the contribution of the business further down shows that, in addition to paying tax on the profits, businesses also contribute. This is based on their roles as the owners of the property, consumer of goods and services, employers and the impact on the environment (Adams et al. 2008, pp.101–115).
It is also important to note that businesses contribute to the efficient running of the system of tax and the economy of the country, on top of their direct ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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