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Budget report - Essay Example

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After taking a closer look at my broad spending habits in the past few weeks, I have realized that my overall expenditures have significantly increased in all the listed categories. From February, through March to April, I have spent a total of $3,972.97. Expenses under housing…
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Budget report
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Download file to see previous pages Throughout the term, my General Merchandise expenses were valued at $314.20. This figure accounted for 7.9% of the total amount I spent. I decided to break down this percentage according to the amounts I spent each month, that is, 12.1% ($192.88) in February, 7.6% ($103.00) in March, and 3.9% ($18.32) in April. In this category, I have realized that I can make a considerable improvement. There are no variations in the amounts I spent weekly on general merchandise. However, my expenditure shows that I spent less in March-$103.00 compared to February-$192.88, and even less in April-$18.32. I spent more in February because I had to travel to Georgia to visit my cousin who was newly admitted to Georgia Institute of Technology. I spent much money in air tickets and in buying gifts and a few treats. I believe that the expenses of the following months will not escalate save for a few emergencies that may arise.
For groceries, my expenses accounted for 15.20% of the total expenditure. This was valued at $603.63. I had to spend a lot in groceries in March-a total of $272.78 (reflecting 45.19% of the total amount spent on groceries for the term) because I fell ill and the doctors recommended taking more than four meals a day to cater for energy loses. April’s grocery expenses were much less since I had begun cutting on my budget. Grocery expenses in April were $151.99 (25.18%) and $178.86 (29.63%) in February. I am capable of cutting more on grocery expenses by 10% in May because I have identified the stores that sell similar products at lower prices.
Restaurant/Bar expenses accounted for $871.81, reflecting 21.94% of the overall expenditure. This category included buying drinks for the occasional parties we hold in our favorite restaurant, purchasing party cups, hiring rooms when it is too late to reach home, and buying burgers and pizza at least once a week. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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