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Description of Keurig Green Mountain Coffee - Assignment Example

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The company sells a variety of coffee to various clients in the region of Vermont. The coffee is sold as K-cups by the Keurig Green Mountain Company.
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Description of Keurig Green Mountain Coffee
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Download file to see previous pages In the year 1993, with expansion of the company due to increased demand for coffee, the company went Public and was listed under the stock market as GMCR as its symbol within the stock market. By 2006, the company purchased Keurig and incorporated a coffee manufacturing system that basically facilitated the production of single coffee brewing machines.
On the 14th of September 2010, the Company, under the name Green Mountain Coffee purchased the Quebec Coffee services company then known as Van Houtte at a cost of approximately 915 million dollars. In August 2011, the company sold the Filterfresh United States’ Coffee part of the Van Houtte to the Aramark at a cost of 145 million dollars. During the same year in the month of March, the Company made an announcement regarding a deal it had signed with the Starbucks in that would sell its single-serve pods to Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company. A similar deal was also signed between the Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company and the Durkin Donuts.
Currently the company’s shareholders have signed an agreement that would entail changing its name completely to Keurig Green Mountain. This is based on the desire to reflect the company’s current activities of selling Keurig Coffee Products.
The company’s stock has continued rising over time from the year 2010; during the same year, the company the company made an announcement that it had been requested by the Securities Exchange Commission to submit its financial statements in order to determine how the company managed its revenue. The US financial regulators during the same year also made an inquiry into the company’s accounting practices and made a conclusion that it was undertaken in a sound and effective manner. By the end of the financial year 2013, the company had closed with a gross income of approximately 1.6 billion dollars for a period of five years.
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