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I used to marvel at the way financial news always found their way on every newspaper’s headlines. To me, it was like financial issues were in every aspect of life and affected every part of the…
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Statement of qualification
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Scholarship Essay My interest in Finance is not a recent one but goes a long time to my childhood. I used to marvel at the way financial news always found their way on every newspaper’s headlines. To me, it was like financial issues were in every aspect of life and affected every part of the world. Every day, I understood how important a stable economy is imperative, and without one, the world could crumble to its knees. I got my hands on every economy of financial excerpt, article, or magazine I could get. I learnt about the Wall Street crisis of 1929 and later experienced the financial crisis that began in 2007. These and other financial vicissitudes instilled a strong desire in me to learn and understand the intricate theories of finance and its workings.
I carried these aspirations into my university studies where I chose to undertake a degree course Economics. At every level, I strived to acquire the utmost possible insights about economy. I felt that taking Economics at the university level would gratify my interests in financial matters and act as a stepping-stone to my dream career. The enriching experience I received in my undergraduate enthused me to dig deep on financial matters. The academically rigorous program and the milieu that was full of intellectually engaging course mates molded me a great deal. My performance in my undergraduate studies never slacked for a moment given that the environment and lectures gave ensured I stayed on track academically. Often, I would wonder about the situation of the world economy. I also wanted to know about the best stocks, interest rates, and bonds. These studies in economics furthered my interest in finance greatly. Studying economics has widened my interests in finance, and I aspire to know a lot on areas such as security analysis, valuation, and portfolio management. With time, I have also developed a keen interest in investments, and I am stimulated by the diverse valuation techniques involved in relative valuation and contingent claim.
Taking numerous internship opportunities over summer periods and after graduation has done a lot in shaping my passion in finance. The internships gave me an opportunity to have pragmatic experience in finance matters. The opportunities also opened up and deepened my interest in portfolio asset allocation and theory. This, coupled with a Master in Finance from Santa Clara University, will give me further insight in valuation techniques and other finance matters in global markets. Müller and Achleitner (217) regard an in-depth knowledge in valuation techniques as essential for fund managers. The authors posit that, at times, fund managers may exaggerate the estimation of unrealized funds. Fund managers may exaggerate intentionally, unintentionally, or because of behavior-related reasons. Therefore, it is essential to gain insight in this area of finance to be able to manage investments appropriately. Knowing this motivates me to learn and understand many concepts about key areas of finance.
I trust that SCU in Silicon Valley is the place to take my financial studies to the next level. This will be an opportunity to prepare myself for a future where I can get to work with treasurers, chief finance officers, financial analysts, and fund managers. Santa Clara University’s courses are organized in a systematic manner, and I am sure that advancing my course there will build me overall. Warren posited that finance has two rules: “Do not lose money and never forget the first rule (Ratcliffe 52).” These rules remind me that I need to be good in finance matters daily.
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Statement of Qualification Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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