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Discussion 1 Week 3 Researching Financial Information - Assignment Example

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Analysis of one company’s financial position and determines whether or not the stocks potential will rise, remain stable, or decrease in value. Determine whether you would invest in it or not at this time.
The companys sales growth over the last 12 months have been…
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Discussion 1 Week 3 Researching Financial Information
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"Discussion 1 Week 3 Researching Financial Information"

Download file to see previous pages The cost of operation has been relatively stable in contrast to the increase in total revenue. I would invest in this company with the current financial position. This is because the company dynamic is upwards and they are no indication to show this is likely to change. Investing in young company before they become big has an added advantage as one is able to gain from its growth.
The company profit curve has been on the rise although sometimes the curve drops down than the previous financial year. The company has performed well in the universal economic hard times and has maintained its overall total revenue. The total expenditure has been regulated and tend to as low as possible. This is as a result of effective managerial skills. I would give an advice that, this companys future is so bright and the trend that it has portrayed over the past few years has proven this. The management of the company is effective in cutting down the cost of running. This should go on to see the company gain more ( Orhangazi, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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