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The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the UK Consumer Buying Behaviour - Dissertation Example

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The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the UK Consumer Buying Behaviour Contents The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the UK Consumer Buying Behaviour 1 List of Figures 4 List of Tables 5 Abstract 6 Acknowledgement 7 Chapter 1 - Introduction 8 1.1.Background to the Context 8 1.2.Research Aim 9 1.3.Research Objectives 9 1.4.Research Questions 9 1.5.Significance of the Research 10 1.6.Scope of the Research 10 1.7.Structure of the Report 10 Chapter 2: Literature Review 13 2.1.Introduction 13 2.2.Understanding the Consumer Behaviour 13 2.2.1.The Process of Decision Making and Factors Affecting It 13 2.3.The Global Financial Crisis of 2007 - 2010 18 2.4.Impact of Financial Crisis on Consumer…
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The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the UK Consumer Buying Behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages Analysis 41 4.2.1.Demographic Findings 41 4.2.2.Descriptive Findings 45 4.2.3.Frequencies of Responses 48 4.2.4.Cross Tabulation of Responses with Respondents’ Income 59 4.3.Regression Results 63 4.4.Chapter Summary 66 Chapter 5: Interpretation of Research Results 67 5.1.Introduction 67 5.2.Interpretation of Results 67 5.3.Thematic Analysis of Interview Responses 67 5.4.Chapter Summary 71 Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendations 72 6.1.Conclusion 72 6.2.Recommendations 72 List of References 74 List of Figures Figure 1: Theoretical Framework 18 Figure 2: Risk Attitude and Risk Perception 25 Figure 3: Demographic Findings – Age Group 42 Figure 4: Demographic Findings – Gender 43 Figure 5: Demographic Findings – Marital Status 44 Figure 6: Demographic Findings – Occupation 44 Figure 7: Demographic Findings – Income 45 Figure 8: Regression Findings – Consumption Behaviour vs Psychological Factors 64 Figure 9: Regression Findings – Consumption Behaviour vs Situational Factors 65 Figure 10: Regression Findings – Consumption Behaviour vs Marketing Mix Factors 65 List of Tables Table 1: Risk Attitude and Risk Perception 24 Table 2: New Trends in Consumption Behaviour 27 Table 3: Impact of Financial Crisis on Consumption Behaviour 29 Table 4: Survey Questionnaire Statements 37 Table 5: Interview Questions 38 Table 6: Demographic Findings – Age Group 42 Table 7: Demographic Findings – Gender 42 Table 8: Demographic Findings – Marital Status 43 Table 9: Demographic Findings – Occupation 44 Table 10: Demographic Findings – Income 45 Table 11: Descriptive Findings – Psychological Factors 46 Table 12: Descriptive Findings – Situational Factors 47 Table 13: Descriptive Findings – Marketing Mix Factors 47 Table 14: Descriptive Findings – Consumption Behaviour 48 Table 15: Cross Tabulation – Respondents’ Income vs Responses Against Statements 63 Table 16: Regression Findings 64 Table 17: Thematic Analysis 68 Abstract The researcher of this study aims at investigating how the recent financial crisis of 2008 influenced buying behaviour consumers in the United Kingdom. In this regard, the researcher has decided to adopt a mixed approach which covers both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the research. By opting for a mixed approach, the researcher is able to address the limitations associated with each of the two approaches. The research work has concluded that there is a significant impact of various factors, such as psychological factors, personal factors, social factors, situational factors and marketing mix on the development of consumption behaviour. Moreover, the impact of financial crisis has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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