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GAAP VS IFRS - Essay Example

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  GAAP VS IFRS Name: Date:       GAAP VS IFRS Question 1 It is essential for a company to convert from GAAP to IFRS. A company can submit its financial statements on an identical basis as its foreign opponents by adopting IFRS, making comparison less complicated…
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Download file to see previous pages The United States corporations will benefits by converting from GAAP to IFRS. One, IFRS allows extra flexibility than United States GAAP, and because stock option and bonus schemes normally offer managers incentives to enhance earnings, this flexibility will probably be utilized to enhance the income of U.S corporations more frequently than it will be employed to lessen earnings. Two, converting to IFRS from GAAP will give the corporations in America more responsibility in the area of asset valuation as a complete discretion that is also likely to enhance the earnings of U.S corporations. Finally, in the field of research and development costs and the associated field of homegrown intangible asset valuation, IFRS is more liberal than GAAP. IFRS permits only development costs to be integrated in the assets of the corporations, thus, not expensed against earnings (Ciesielski, 2008). Question 2 One, Acquired intangible assets under GAAP are identified at fair value. In contrast, under IFRS, it is solely identified if the asset has measured dependability and will have an imminent economic gain. Here, IFRS will be the most beneficial method to financial statement users. ...
Here, IFRS is the most beneficial method. Finally, The conditions for revenue recognition and revenue under IFRS and GAAP are somewhat dissimilar. GAAP gives extra specified guidance than IFRS (Ciesielski, 2008). Therefore, GAAP is the most beneficial method to financial statement users in this case. Question 3 One, there are a number of unknown risks that United States corporations will encounter. These unknown risks are also not predictable to experts. Two, IFRS offers little guidance on specified application and interpretation of the standards. This definite difference from existing practice will require corporations in United States to employ additional judgment in understanding specific standards and their purpose to the business activities of the corporations. Finally, even if the duration experienced by external auditors remains unchanged, more expert senior personnel may be needed to assess the corporations’ management application of verdict, thus, affecting the leverage of audit engagements and staffing mix. Three techniques may be used to overcome these obstacles. One, there should be consistent and comprehensive accounting standards that communicate economic reality to a corporation. Two, a corporation should have sufficient corporate governance practices which will guarantee suitable internal controls and adequate execution of accounting standards. Finally, there should be effective and efficient audits which will allow external dependability to the information prepared by a corporation following referred standards (Ciesielski, 2008). Question 4 Two long-term conversion issues on accounting for leases by the lessees are leasehold improvements and percentage rent. Leasehold improvements are lastingly fixed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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GAAP VS IFRS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“GAAP VS IFRS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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