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Lower Division Capstone: L.A Lounge - Research Proposal Example

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Organizational and Corporate Finance Name University Organizational and Corporate Finance There are many different businesses that operate within the world. The basic aim of almost every business (except Not-for-profit organizations) is to make profit for their respective owners…
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Lower Division Capstone: L.A Lounge
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Download file to see previous pages A Sports Bar is a very feasible business venture that can be considered worthwhile within the Los Angeles area as it is considered to be an area where sports is the pre-dominant entertainment and recreational activity, hence I would be really interested in starting up a sports bar named “The L.A Lounge” Like every other business, a bar is also considered to be a business venture in which the primary motive is to gain profit. A bar offers many different products such as food, snacks, games and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. A sports bar on the hand is considered to be an extension to the bar phenomena. A sports bar offers all the same products with an added facility to watch sporting events on large screens. The “L.A Lounge” would definitely produce great financial results if it is handled and managed appropriately. The first irk would be the financial issue i.e. the capital needed to start up such a business. There are many different options that can be availed to gain finance in order to run a Sports bar. One option would be through partnership where different investors, who might be close affiliates, would be contacted and asked to invest in such a business and if they agree upon investing, a proper partnership deed can be formed where the profit sharing issue would be properly addressed with respect to all the different partners investing within the business. Each and every partner’s duty would be mentioned properly in order to avoid potential future conflicts. Besides the partnership option, the other option would be to put up a formal business plan and present it to a bank that can help in financing the sports bar business. If the market is properly analyzed and all the risks are properly addressed and answered upon, the bank may end up granting a loan to start the business. This loan would carry a certain interest rate which would normally higher than the normal loan rates because of the new business setup. If the banks disallow such loan, there are other venture capital firms that offer loans to customer with good business plan and approach. The interest on loans offered by such venture capital firms is higher than the bank’s interest rate. This is because the venture capital firms are willing to bear the risk that banks do not and hence they charge extra interest because of their exposure to a new business plan which might not produce results as fruitful as presented within the business plan. There are different bodies within the U.S.A such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Kauffman Foundation that can help in acquiring start-up business loans (CVBT, 2011). Once the long-term loan is acquired, the main focus would be to run the business smoothly. For the “L.A Lounge”, a proper inflow of material (products offered for sale e.g. food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) would be really essential. This inflow would only be possible if proper balance is kept between the amount that is to be divided as profit and the amount that would need to be re-invested in the business. Apparently, if the business is operating well enough to return its prior loan-commitments i.e. the monthly payments of interest, it would be able to draw more loan from the financial investors and this would be used to finance the day-to day running of the business. A conservative working capital management would be adopted to answer this scenario ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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