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Implications of Concepts of Organizational Behavior at a Local Restaurant in London - Essay Example

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Implications of Concepts of Organizational Behavior at a Local Restaurant in London Introduction This paper emphasizes on the private business of Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith has lived in United Kingdom for many years. Across the continent, his family and ancestors have been operating chain of restaurants and therefore he is much acquainted with this type of business…
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Implications of Concepts of Organizational Behavior at a Local Restaurant in London
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Extract of sample "Implications of Concepts of Organizational Behavior at a Local Restaurant in London"

Download file to see previous pages The restaurant is comprised of totaling fifty employees. Most of these employees are foreigner students who work part time at Mr. Smith’s Restaurant. Mr. Smith offers flexible working conditions to these students. He allows them to work full time during holidays as well as part time during exams. Lately, the restaurant underwent a substantial increase in numbers of customers. This increment is mainly due to the popularity of International and European Cuisine offered at Mr. Smith’s Restaurant. Such popularity has encouraged Mr. Smith to open more chains of this restaurant throughout U.K. In this paper, Mr. Smith’s business has been analyzed from the following mentioned perspective. Organizational Culture and Structure Leadership and Management Styles Motivational Theories and their implications Teamwork and Group Behavior In subsequent paragraphs, these aspects of Mr. Smith’s business are discussed in detailed manner. Task 1 - Understand the relationship between Organizational Structure and Culture a) Compare and contrast ‘geographical’ and ‘functional’ organizational structure. You should include examples of the application of these organization structures in real businesses. Organizational Structures and Culture Organizational structures are developed to define a framework of command and order through which the tasks and activities of an organization can be organized, planned, directed and controlled in order to achieve the overall organizational goals. Within U.K, most of the restaurants possess geographical, functional and entrepreneurial structures. Functional Structure; this structure refers to organizing the business depending upon what each department does. Geographical Structure; This structure groups activity according to their geographical location. Services are provided after considering ease of management and convenience of customers. Product-based Structures; Companies that possess wide range of products have this type of organizational structures. Wide range of products is generally categorized in width extension, breadth extension and line extension Multifunctional and Multidivisional Structures; this structure is typically possessed by large corporations whose business operations are expanded globally. This structure possesses multiple hierarchical levels in organization. Matrix Structures; matrix organization requires an employee to report two bosses at same time. For instance, a person might be an employee in sales department but he has to report to finance manager as well about the sales of a certain period. Centralization; in centralization, only one individual or top management has the sole authority of taking decision for the entire company. Decentralization; decentralization disperses the decision making governance in proximity of workers (Heathfield, n.d.). Implication of Organizational Structure in Mr. Smith’s Restaurant Since the business of Mr. Smith is family owned, therefore substantial reliance is upon the owner-manager that is Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith has the sole authority, accountability and responsibility of the entire organization. The relationships between Mr. Smith and other members of organization are developed in informal and personal basis. However, at the same time Mr. Smith plans to expand his business which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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