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This current study aims to reflect upon the CORE analysis of two renowned organizations, one being a public firm, Nottingham City Council’’ and other being a private undertaking, ‘Vodafone’ in regard to their financial performance. …
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Financial analysis of Vodafone and Exeter University
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Download file to see previous pages Establish a robust and emerging market. The organization aims to manage a dynamic portfolio in order to render the maximum gains to its investors and shareholders. The capital structure of the firm must be aligned in such a manner that the return and strategy are both in tandem with each other and the shareholders gain maximum returns with the new three year dividend target. The Key Performance Indicators of Vodafone are based on the continuous monitoring and control by the Board of the Directors along with the Executive Committee to measure the financial performance of the company against the strategic objectives. The performance is measured on both the financial and non-financial terms reflecting upon the organizational strategy and operations. The free cash flow generated by the organization values ?7,241m which can be used by investments and other financial purposes such as manager’s salary etc. The organic growth of the company is estimated to be ?4,051m , almost 19.3 % The capital expenditure incurred by the company for meeting the needs and requirements of its customers is ?6,192m It was witnessed that at the end of the financial year 2010, many markets relocated to NPS that is another source to measure the customer satisfactory levels. EBITDA is used as a measure to monitor and control segment wise performance of the company which is calculated to be ?14,735m (7.4) % in 2010. Apart from the above, the performance of the company can also be judged from the total increase in employees from last year to a count of 5893 employees out of which major senior positions have been grabbed by female employees. Vodafone has to combat threat of fierce competition among few...
Financial analysis of Vodafone and Exeter University

Vodafone Group being a private company deals in the global telecommunication business which is headquartered in UK and spread across 30 countries. The organization extends a wide span of voice and data services to many countries across the world through the medium of mobiles. The span of control extends from Europe, Africa, and Middle East, America to Asia-Pacific. The product line of the company ranges from fixed line, internet services to digital television. The total revenue of the organization in the year 2010 was £44.47 billion; the operating income was calculated to be £9.480 billion and the total profit was ascertained to be £156.98 billion in 2010. The organization stands second in terms to total number of subscribers. The company is a listed company featured in the primary list of London Stock Exchange and secondary listing on NASDAQ, also being a fundamental component of 100 Index. The total revenue of the Vodafone group has witnessed an 8.4 percent increase, reaching almost £44,472 million.

Vodafone believes that EBITDA that is ascertains does not entail few items that may have an impact on the company’s performance, hence to offset the imbalance the EBITDA is evaluated in coordination with the other GAAP and non-GAAP principles that gives a fair view of its operating profit figures. However the adjusted operating profit calculated by the firm does not include non-operating income, the impairment losses etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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