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Communication 380 - Coursework Example

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1 Part 1: English Borrowings French - English “humiliation” from the Old French humiliation ( Latin - English “equestrian” from the Latin equus ( Greek - English “dermis, epidermis and hypodermic” from the Greek derma ( Native American Languages - English “elk” from the Shawnee waapiti ( Spanish - English “avocado” from the Spanish aguacate ( German - English “care” from the German karo ( Scandinavian - English “lug” from the Swedish lugga, or Norwegian lugge ( Italian - English “bronze” from the Italian bronzo ( South Asian Languages - English “sch…
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Communication 380
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Download file to see previous pages What is the pattern of the pronunciation variation? The pattern of the variation is in the chorus line. The first two times the group uses the phrase “stick witch you”, whereas in the third usage in the chorus it is “with you”. 2. What is the effect of such deliberate dialect code switching on you personally? I would not have noticed it if it had not been pointed out to me, and since it has been, I find it irritating and annoying. 3. Do you think that other people listening to the song will react differently to it than you? Yes, I do think that others will react differently. As with most popular song lyrics, unless a word or phrase used garners an emotional reaction, it goes unnoticed. 4. Do you think this song is aimed for a male or female audience? I think that this song is aimed more towards a female audience, since people have a strong tendency to notice chorus lines that “speak” to them. In turn, this initiates an emotional reaction, which then starts the person’s thought processes about someone in their life. 5. Why does she vary her pronunciation? She varies her pronunciation because of the rhythm of the song itself. In the first two instances of using “stick witch you”, the beat of the music is slightly faster than in the third instance, which is also the ending of the chorus line. 3 Part 3: Matching current words to their historical roots 1. Kingdom correlates to F. Anglo Saxon cyne, meaning “royal” 2. Toast (as in “to your health”) correlates to H. Scottish toss as in “toss a drink” 3. Wedlock correlates to E. Anglo Saxon wed, meaning “pledge or engagement” and lac, meaning “offering or gift“. 4. Fancy (as in imagination) correlates to G. French pensee, meaning “thought” 5. Cutlet correlates to A. Latin costa, meaning “rib” 6. Cockatoo correlates to B. Hindustani kakatua, a word imitative of its cry 7. Country Dance correlates to D. French contre meaning “opposite” 8. Cold Slaw (or Cole Slaw) correlates to C. Dutch kool meaning “cabbage” and sla meaning “salad”. 4 Part 4: Misanalyses 1. Sick-as-hell anemia is “sickle cell anemia” 2. Old-timer’s disease is “Alzheimer’s disease” 3. Smiling Mighty Jesus is “spinal meningitis” 4. For all intensive purposes is “for all intents and purposes” 5. A blessing in the skies is “a blessing in disguise” 6. Spitting image is “splitting image” 5 Part 5: “Chat with A.L.I.C.E.” ( 1. Are A.L.I.C.E.’s responses semantically appropriate? The semantics of A.L.I.C.E.’s responses are determined by the use of language, and how they are worded to her. Oftentimes, they are not appropriate, i.e. she asked how I was doing, and I responded with “I am lovely”. Her response was if that “made me feel superior”. 2. Are they pragmatically appropriat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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