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Food Safety through the Issue of Food Poisoning and Its Quality - Case Study Example

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This paper "Food Safety through the Issue of Food Poisoning and Its Quality" focuses on the fact that food has been a crucial component for survival in any part of the world. Different communities in various parts of the world have staple foods, which are cherished by the members of the community. …
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Food Safety through the Issue of Food Poisoning and Its Quality
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Extract of sample "Food Safety through the Issue of Food Poisoning and Its Quality"

Download file to see previous pages In this note, the American government has enacted tight regulations concerning food production following the rise of food poisoning in the country. The new legislations have various implications to the different stakeholders in the food industry considering that there have never been such kinds of regulations for a very long time in the country. In this case, the following discussion will delve into the issue of food poisoning and highlight the measures taken by the American government and their implications in the food sector.

Food poisoning results in serious health implications to the affected persons and can also cause death. Human beings depend on food energy sources in order to support various physiological activities that facilitate their survival. For this reason, it invaluable for people to consume high quality-diseases free food products for quality and healthy living. However, in some cases, food poisonings, which occurs through food contamination with various microorganisms, takes place whenever infected foodstuffs are consumed, without prior knowledge in most cases. According to Cornish, food poisoning takes place whenever some microorganisms, such as bacteria, thrive in edible foodstuffs and release some toxins, which affect human beings (1). In reality, such toxins may affect major physiological systems within the body and hence deteriorations of health conditions of the infected people. Cornish further cites some of the health conditions exhibited from food poisoning to include nausea, vomiting, blood disorders, kidney failure, cramps, fever and headache (1). These effects, listed by Cornish, signify the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in regard to the health effects caused by food poisoning. In worst-case scenarios, death usually arises from health deterioration caused by extremely poisonous toxins associated to food poisoning.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Food Safety through the Issue of Food Poisoning and Its Quality Case Study.
“Food Safety through the Issue of Food Poisoning and Its Quality Case Study”.
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