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The Effect of Unilateral Divorce on Family and Divorce Rate - Research Paper Example

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The author of this research paper examines the changes and complications of the social environment associated with the national divorce rate and divorced families after the implementation of the unilateral divorce law in the United States of America…
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The Effect of Unilateral Divorce on Family and Divorce Rate
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Unilateral Divorce on Family and Divorce Rate"

Download file to see previous pages The proposal for divorce becomes essential when a married couple considers that their togetherness is beyond the limits of compromise. The process of legal separation is bound to the state laws of the concerned parties and it normally takes a long time to close a case. In order to reduce the legal complications and time lapses during the judicial process, the United States has introduced a unilateral divorce law by which either party is able to get free from the troubled marriage without the consent of the other. Even as the new law encourages individual freedom, there are assumptions that it has some adverse impacts on the society such as declining values of marriage and increasing crime rates etc. This research paper will examine the changes and complications of the social environment associated with the national divorce rate and divorced families after the implementation of the unilateral divorce law in the United States.
Since marriage is considered as the strongest bond between two individuals, the expectations about a nuptial relationship are that it lasts long without problems that may arise the need for a separation. However, the conflicts of personal opinions and the influence of several aspects related to the individual choices can cause problems in marriages. In order to solve the issues of citizens’ marriage life, the United States has constituted the Unilateral Divorce Law. The new provisions of the legislation meant that the individuals can choose divorce without mutual consent; that is, unilateral separation can become mutual separation, and thus qualify as voluntary separation, where the party who initially opposed the separation no longer wants to reconcile (Aspen Publishers, 2010, p.50). In another way, the easy way to define unilateral divorce is that is an option for either spouse to end the entity of marriage without the permission of the other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effect of Unilateral Divorce on Family and Divorce Rate Research Paper.
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