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Cultural and Historic Aspects Surrounding Gay Marriages - Case Study Example

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The following paper under the title 'Cultural and Historical Aspects Surrounding Gay Marriages' gives detailed information about gay marriages which are not a new trend since it has been gracing our newsprint, audio, and audio-visual media for quite a period now…
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Extract of sample "Cultural and Historic Aspects Surrounding Gay Marriages"

Download file to see previous pages This is evident from the fact that it has received varied opinions from both opponents and proponents. In every social class, race, ethnicity, and religion, marriage is more of a passage rite. The institution of marriage is quite wide in the sense that it incorporates an array of factors ranging from companionship, love, sexual relations, procreation, child-rearing, as well as mutual responsibility (Nussbaum). It is, however, necessary to note that in our current society, marriage can exist without these factors. In addition, all these factors can exist amongst people who have not yet been married. Same-sex marriage (SSM) is one of the practices that defy some of these factors and unlike other practices that flout the same factors; hence, it has received more opposition and condemnation.
Concepts surrounding SSM extend from social and historical to cultural and civic. The civic aspect comes in since the law provides the right to marry for its citizens. Gays do not enjoy these rights as well as the benefits that come with it. Under the social aspect, family, children, and society come in. Gays cannot form families for they not only lack the right to marry but also the legal right to adopt children in numerous states. In addition, society gives them a hard time via discriminating against them. Opponents have termed gay marriages as an act that goes against the American cultural norms, hence an immoral move. This has crippled efforts to ensure that SSM becomes legal. The last aspect is the historical concept, which is entangled with religion. It dates back to creation when God first created people of the opposite sex and expected them to procreate and the introduction of the Church as well. This cannot be the case with gay couples. These aspects have collaboratively affected the push for gay marriages.
The civic aspect has evidently affected gay partners. Denying them the right to marry makes this law discriminatory. When it comes to same-sex marriage, the law implementers tend to consider the religious aspect of the matter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... fairytale in which a man was figured with a wife, 2 kids and 1 dog, has changed. Initially, a woman was to remain as a housewife, taking care of the family and kids while the husband was the breadwinner. This has changed, as wives need to work. Some women even do not give a priority to having children. A family is made up of happy couples (either same-sex or opposite sex), not necessarily children and a dog. Gay marriage is not accepted by people to be practiced in US because being a combination of states; it would affect the decision of those states, which do not want to legalize it. However, looking at it in the aspect of human rights and increased divorce rates of opposite sex marriages, it is wise to legalized it. The opponents...
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Most notable is the fact that even the portions of the clergy have been affected, something that throws into disarray the whole hope for a religious interpretation of the case at hand. This is not to imply that the whole religious system is rotten or has become a victim of gay marriages, but rather to insinuate that the church may be partisan when it comes to addressing gay marriages issues in its totality. Save for Christianity, most of the current global religious groups, for instance Islam, Judaism and Budhism strictly apply their religious disapproval towards same sex marriages. Even on the side of Christianity, it does not suffice it to say that everyone speaks with a common voice on deliberation of matters to do with same s...
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... of the individuals, heterosexual affairs are the custom, both in the world and in natural history. Homosexual relations are hence nonstandard and aberrant; consequently, they are not supposed to be authorized by the circumstances nor acknowledged as a type of matrimony.(Cline, 2011) Gay marriage advocates shield their arrangement with the point that the government is being biased towards a gay relationship by allowing only opposite-sex marriages as legal. Likewise, social tolerance advocates that the government has no right to interfere in the personal consensual sex of adults of the same sex if nobody is getting hurt in the relationship. If truth be told, the government may cling to the aspect that this kind of behavior is ethically wrong...
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... up long-term relations like those of married couples, the leading culture’s refusal of same-sex relations as a socially accepted lifestyle kept argument of anything similar to marriage of same-sex partner’s exterior the public arena in the course of most of the 20th century (Chauncey 1994). Beside this book sources various journals and article sources also used for this study. All these books will assist me recognize the history, present condition as well legal constitutionality of gay marriages in Colorado, and the peoples and public's response to Gay marriage. Research Methods: First, I desire to approach my research topic in the course of its historical background. I will begin with the early period of marriage concept with the present...
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Gay marriages in colorado

Gay marriages in Colorado
The source for this information is mainly the newspaper. The reason is that the newspaper contains current information and follows the progress of different topics. It is published daily and so the information is updated. The newspapers used here include; Huff Post Denver, Denver Post, and the Newsmax. With the newspaper as my source, I will portray the different opinions of people about this topic at different times.
The people’s view about gay marriages in Colorado has changed drastically over time. Before, the topic was unheard of, and the act was considered by many as unethical. However, about a month ago, news was circulating everywhere concerning the Colorado senate’s passage of a bill. The...
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Gay marriages in colorado

Number Research Paper-Outline I. Introduction Hook: Looking at gay marriage history and laws in Colorado and describingwhat the current laws say about same-sex marriage. Also identify the controversy between people that are for gay marriage versus those who are against it.
2. Thesis: Using information found to determine whether or not gay marriage should be legalized in Colorado. Determining how over time, this could change society in the state. Consider how many people identify as gay or lesbian and discuss any legislation. Look at the pros and cons of gay marriage in Colorado.
3. Implications: What would legalizing gay marriage in Colorado effect citizens in the state? How many people would it effect? Why or why should...
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... No consideration of marriage can avoid a discussion of gender issues Marriage is the union between man and woman that is solemnized by members of the community and blessed by God. This is the definition of marriage that the founding fathers are raised by and thus practiced (Lewellen, p. 152). The present definition differs from the former due to the change in cultural aspects of the society. The society continues to change on a daily basis due to the high rate of globalization across the communities. Globalization increases the rate of interaction thus exposing individuals to a different sort of cultural practice. Culture is a way of life; each person belongs to a particular culture that acts as a source of identity (Haviland and Haviland...
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The researcher states that despite the arguments against and the counterarguments holding, gay marriage should not be legalized as this legalization would go against the ethical considerations of the majority in the global society. The definition of the term marriage has always been the core of the debate on gay marriage. Even though marriage would have varied meanings across varied cultures, a universal definition recognizes it as a relationship between humans, either one with another or one with multiple others, recognized by the prevailing law. But in the modern society, definitions have incorporated the aspect of same-sex marriage known as gay marriage. According to Halkiti...

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... attracted to people of the same sex has been on the rise, especially since the beginning of the twenty-first century. Relationships between such individuals are known as homosexual relationships, while marriages between them are known as gay or same sex marriages. In recent years, many nations have legalized same sex marriages. In China, very small achievements surrounding the issue of gay marriages have been realized. According to Fedorak, “in 1997, the law that outlawed sodomy was repealed, and in 2001, homosexuality was no longer classified as a mental illness” (90). There have been numerous attempts to have the marriage laws that only recognize straight marriages amended, but they have all been unsuccessful. This author will propose...
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