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Child and Family Development - Research Paper Example

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This research begins with the statement that communication is the foundation of the edifice of our social life and relationships. It entails a myriad of factors such as body language, facial expression, the overall tone of the speaker and one’s posture…
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Child and Family Development
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Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that communication may sound simple, but it is a complex process; particularly on a domestic front because the communication is directed towards people of all age groups. From toddlers, to fully grown adults, one must exercise caution because every individual needs to regulate their behavior in order to cater to the demands of each member of the family. One of the most important aspects of getting your point through to another member is to first give them the latitude to air their views as well. Active listening is essential to make an individual more receptive to other people’s views. It is important in a family setting to make sure that all family members are heard and this aspect entails a number of factors. It is important to first encourage family members to speak, they need to feel and it is the duty of the speaker to draw the person. After the individual has opened up, clarity is fundamental for the communication to continue. The speaker should phrase their questions properly that are easy to understand and confirms what the person has said. The relevant points must be repeated to make sure that they ingrained into one’s mind and is emboldened for further discussion. After listening and carefully deliberating over what the party has said, the individual must proceed and discuss their take on the matter. For adult members of the family, it is important that they elucidate further on what the children are feeling and help them cope with their problems. After the discussion, a summary would always help both the speaker and the listener to sort out the things that they have discussed and would pave way for memorization. Finally, the listener should make the other person feel validated by the listener and should be appreciated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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