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The Affecting the Degree of Marriage Satisfaction for Both Sexes and the Familys Tendency to Fall into Poverty - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes one of the most pressing issues in the study of gender inequality. At the heart of this problem is the division of labour in the household because it is linked to inequalities in the labour market, in decision making and politics, etc…
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The Affecting the Degree of Marriage Satisfaction for Both Sexes and the Familys Tendency to Fall into Poverty
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Extract of sample "The Affecting the Degree of Marriage Satisfaction for Both Sexes and the Familys Tendency to Fall into Poverty"

Download file to see previous pages A 2010 research involving households in Tanzania, it was found that women were already aware that they were doing more household work than men but they do not know how they can change the situation because these gender roles are inculcated in them from childhood (Feinstein, 2010, p. 100). The survey shows that women desire a more egalitarian household while most men think that household work as the sole responsibility of women. Why is it important for men and women to share household work? One is economic in nature. In order to help their husbands, women have to enter the labor force. In the case of rural communities, this essentially means that the amount of housework women decreases significantly (Habib, 2006). Yet, it is important to note that even when women are working fulltime, they still retained responsibility for maintaining the household and ensuring that things are done in the home, even when they do not do the work themselves. In case the children are still too young to perform household tasks, women may choose to hire household help or the husbands can take on the slack. Often, however, a man’s willingness to perform core household tasks which were traditionally associated with women depends highly in their cultural values. Another reason why sharing household tasks is important is that it affects marital satisfaction. In a study involving couples residing in China, Japan and Korea (Kobayashi, 2010), it was found that in general, wives are unsatisfied with their marriage because they have to do more household work than their husbands. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Affecting the Degree of Marriage Satisfaction for Both Sexes and Research Paper - 2)
The Affecting the Degree of Marriage Satisfaction for Both Sexes and Research Paper - 2.
“The Affecting the Degree of Marriage Satisfaction for Both Sexes and Research Paper - 2”, n.d.
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