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Impressions to Kuwaiti Tribes, Andaloor Villages and Judaisms - Case Study Example

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The paper "Impressions to Kuwaiti Tribe’s, Andaloor Village’s and Judaism’s" explores three different cultures performing different ways of conducting a wedding ceremony – namely, the cultures of the Kuwaiti Tribe Community, the Andaloor Village Tribe, and Judaism…
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Impressions to Kuwaiti Tribes, Andaloor Villages and Judaisms
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Extract of sample "Impressions to Kuwaiti Tribes, Andaloor Villages and Judaisms"

Download file to see previous pages It is perfectly reasonable for a man to enter into a marriage life when he is already economically stable. Once he is secured in his regular and descent job, the man is prepared to get married to the woman of his choosing. Economic stability is the central factor in establishing a stable family. It is interesting, on the other hand, concerning the process of getting married practised by the Kuwaiti Tribe. First, the man, after securing his stable job, announces to his parents about his desire for marriage. Afterwards, the man’s mother makes ways in searching for her son’s prospective wife. This type of getting a man’s partner for life is far from modern. In a deeper sense, this could be equated to an arranged marriage, albeit in a slightly different approach. Thus, the sort of marriage tradition practised by the Kuwaiti Tribal Community is largely traditional and outlandish in character.
The setting of this sort of marriage proposal has many implications. First, the man from the Kuwaiti Tribe must consult his parents regarding his plans to get married. It implies that the bachelor has the duty to inform his father and mother concerning the content of his heart. Also, the man has no power to enter into marriage without the approval of his parents. The thoughts and sentiments of the man’s parents are quite important in the outcome of the decision-making process. Second, parents choose their son’s bride-to-be. The man’s parents, at a certain instance, have the right to decide on what kind of woman is proper or fit for their son. In fact, the parents have already a particular girl in mind for their son’s prospective wife (Al-ZU’Abi & Jagdish, 2008). The man may insist on specific qualifications that his prospective bride must possess; however, the final decision comes solely from his mother since it is her that does the searching. Paradoxically, the man is not the one that looks but rather the one that waits. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Impressions to Kuwaiti Tribes, Andaloor Villages and Judaisms Case Study)
Impressions to Kuwaiti Tribes, Andaloor Villages and Judaisms Case Study.
“Impressions to Kuwaiti Tribes, Andaloor Villages and Judaisms Case Study”.
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