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Describe the changes that have occurred in the last generation with regard to personal and family finances - Essay Example

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Within the last century, the American people have witnessed numerous changes arising from financial policies instituted by the government coupled with changing socio economic factors all of which necessitated changes in financial management both at personal and family levels…
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Describe the changes that have occurred in the last generation with regard to personal and family finances
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"Describe the changes that have occurred in the last generation with regard to personal and family finances"

Download file to see previous pages Other legislations that have contributed to changes in the management of personal and family finances include the legislations governing health care. Such legislations as the Obama care Act required Americans to access effective insurance policies to help improve accessibility to quality health care. As such, individuals and families in the country had to restructure their spending in order to factor in health care services. Such legislations help improve the quality of lifestyle in the country.
Financial security is a major priority to most American families in the current century. As such, most Americans continue to devise appropriate ways of achieving this. Despite such ambitions, the cost of living is rising partly because of the new legislations and the changing lifestyles in the society. Health care, childcare and need for a home and payment of college fees coupled with the desire to retire to a safe and financial secure old age continue to mount pressure of American families, especially those in the middle class. The rising number of financial needs while the sources of income remain limited is a fundamental concern that validates the changes in the management of both personal and family finances (Warren and Warren 65).
The increasing demand for money at a time that earnings remain limited is a basic factor that influenced change in the management of finances in families. Most Americans are thinking of the most appropriate ways of investing their money in order to secure their stability. Instead of limiting spending and working hard, Americans are currently looking for ways of working smart with both their finances and the opportunities they meet. While school remains fundamental, numerous successful individuals in the modern society have a history accentuated with dropping out of school a feature that portrays that Americans are looking for opportunities. Insurance services offer a reliable plan to some of the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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