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Canned and Frozen Foods and Vegetables - a Source of Delight and Nutrition - Essay Example

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The paper "Canned and Frozen Foods and Vegetables - a Source of Delight and Nutrition" states that canned and frozen foods, vegetables and fruits are the modern civilizations answer to the need for cost effective, time efficient and safe culinary delights and nutrition. …
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Canned and Frozen Foods and Vegetables - a Source of Delight and Nutrition
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Extract of sample "Canned and Frozen Foods and Vegetables - a Source of Delight and Nutrition"

Download file to see previous pages The thing that needs to be understood is that in the current times when it comes to food, the consumer choices are governed and determined by a range of factors and priorities.  In that context, it may sound strange, but canned and frozen foods and vegetables are a veritable source of nutrition, which satisfies a range of consumer choices and expectations. Though canned and frozen foods and vegetables happen to be processed foods, yet the good thing is that they provide people with the much-needed nutrition, in a safe, convenient and cost-effective manner, while complying with the environmental norms and criteria. The one amazing thing about canned and frozen foods and vegetables is that they have a high nutrition value and content (Belasco 57). It is a fact that fresh foods like fruits and vegetables do lose much nutrition during transit to the stores. In contrast, the canned and frozen foods and vegetables are processed when the food items are still fresh and thereby have a high nutrition value. The processing of fruits and vegetables resorts to an array of traditional activities like peeling and cutting and the subsequent boiling or freezing of the available fresh foods. Thereby, once the fresh fruits and vegetables are canned or frozen, their nutrition potential gets preserved and remains intact for a long period of time. The consumers can consume these canned and frozen foods while benefiting from their high nutrition value. Going by the hectic schedules and scarcity of time that the contemporary consumers have to contend with, canned and frozen foods and vegetables are indeed convenient and save on time (Belasco 70). Canned and frozen foods to save on time in the sense that they are cut, peeled and cooked in advance, and can thereby be readily consumed without resorting to any elaborate processing or cooking procedure. The same cannot be said of the fresh foods, vegetables and fruits.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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