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In the essay “Consumers of Unhealthy Products” the author suggests that consumers of unhealthy products such as cigarettes and alcohol should be levied an extra 25% tax compared to their non consuming counterparts. This extra charged is to be used to educate society…
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Consumers of Unhealthy Products
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Policy Choice In my opinion, consumers of unhealthy products such as cigarettes and alcohol should be levied an extra 25% tax compared to their non consuming counterparts. This extra charged is to be used to educate society on the negative effects of cigarette use and alcohol consumption. The 25% extra tax will not only help to create awareness on the dangers and implications of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, but will also act as a deterrent factor. It will discourage non smokers and non drinkers from taking up the unhealthy practice therefore reducing the effects that such products have on consumers and society (Perry, 2012).
The reasoning behind this is that by smoking and drinking, these people encourage others to take up the trade. This will lead to increased alcohol and cigarette consumption. It is only right for the people who are responsible for the vice through recruiting others to pay for educating the masses to enable them make informed decisions (Perry, 2012).
With limited funds and resources, I would specifically target the youth by addressing the issues of sexual health and contraception. In recent times, cases of widespread sexually transmitted diseases and infections have been on the rise. The number of unwanted pregnancies has reached unprecedented levels. Given limited resources, I would spend it to educate the youth on the various methods of contraception and their benefits. This will help a great deal to address the problems of unwanted pregnancies, soaring abortion rates and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, especially the incurable HIV/AIDS.
If the resources and funds I had were stretched to half a year, I would seek to spread as much information as possible. This will be done through word of mouth, recruiting educators to increase coverage and putting up posters and signs that address the issue at hand. The key here is to maximize reach and get the message to as many people as people with the least of resources.
Perry, R. (2012). Increasing Alcohol and CigatteTaxes to Fund Prevention and Education Programs. Strategizer , 8-11. Read More
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