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Will and Grace Serial that Showcases Diverse Family - Movie Review Example

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The paper "Will and Grace Serial that Showcases Diverse Family" states that extended family includes, Karen and Jack. Karen Walker is Grace’s receptionist who is bisexual. Jack is a gay struggling actor and friend of Will. It is a situational comedy with homosexuality as the main theme…
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Will and Grace Serial that Showcases Diverse Family
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Extract of sample "Will and Grace Serial that Showcases Diverse Family"

Media is one of the most influential platforms that not only reflect the changing social values but significantly impact society at large. The television sitcoms have great power to change the perspective on issues and factors that are socially relevant. One such serial is ‘Will and Grace’ that showcases diverse family. The sitcom diversity is mainly based on the sexual orientation of the main characters. The family comprises of the main protagonist, Will and his best friend, Grace from college days who live together. Will is a gay attorney while Grace is a straight Jewish woman who is also a successful interior decorator. 
A family with parents and 2 siblings who would welcome, love and support an 18 years old smart long-haired guy, who loves to dress in feminine clothes. Preference would be given to the family where the mother is black and both siblings are girls as I want sisters who would adore me and lend me their dresses when I go to parties with my friends. Read More
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Will and Grace Serial That Showcases Diverse Family Movie Review.
“Will and Grace Serial That Showcases Diverse Family Movie Review”, n.d.
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