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A Big Responsibility During Our Development Primarily in the Intrauterine Life - Essay Example

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The paper describes parenting. Parents are responsible for the welfare of their children, they also have needs that must be achieved to create a harmonious relationship with the family. Parents play important responsibilities to impart to their children…
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A Big Responsibility During Our Development Primarily in the Intrauterine Life
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Extract of sample "A Big Responsibility During Our Development Primarily in the Intrauterine Life"

Download file to see previous pages When a woman becomes pregnant it is of normal concern for her if she will become a good mother to her child. It particularly occurs to a woman being pregnant for the first time. There will be some queries of how she will handle her newborn. Stoppard states that “ the most common anxiety is simply fear of parenthood – of whether you will be a good parent and of whether you can cope with bringing up a child, and on top of this will be the worry about your child’s happiness if you don’t make a good job of it” (11). Some men, on the other hand, also admit it is not easy to become a father. Men “have difficulty bonding with an infant until as late as three months after the birth, when the child can smile or coo and interact more directly with them. Parent’s ability to reach out can be strengthened by allowing them to touch and spend time with the new child in the first few hours of life” (Pillitteri 581). Parenting starts right after the baby is born. They should allocate enough time especially now that they have a new member of the family. Furthermore, there will be a lot of lifestyle changes that will happen in their life. Gone were those expensive holidays and the groovy night-outs and replaced with the time for the baby giving all the necessities needed. “It will almost be a complete reversal of lifestyle, and at first it may not be easy to accept” (Stoppard 13). Nothing can best describe how parents outlive the hardships they have encountered just to provide enough attention to their child. In other words, being a parent is a sacrificial responsibility not only for the benefit of his/her child but, including the whole family as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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