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Marriage is a bond between two people who love each other. Many desires are fulfilled by marriage. For the formation of healthier partnership it is very important for both partners to take good care of each other in ever sense. …
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Book: Marriages and families by Mary Ann Lamanna 10th eddition
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Marriage can be defined as a legal contract or the bond between individuals who love each other. In other words it is an institution in which sexual and intimate relationships among people are acknowledged in many different ways. In this matrimonial ceremony there are just two people who take the decision of becoming one and start a family together with an intension of living together for rest of their lives. For the formation of healthier marriage partnership it is very important for a man to give love, confidence and sexual satisfaction to a woman, because when a husband fails to provide these vital things to his wife then there is a chance that a woman may cheat her husband and may try to find these things somewhere else. In my paper I will discuss the factors that are associated with healthier marriage partnership.
Love is the most basic thing required for a strong bond between people. A man should realize that a woman is giving herself completely to her husband and offering all of her love only to him. If the bond of love is not present between husband and wife then the woman will desire for romance and wants all the things from her husband that made her happy. If husband fails to keep her happy then the wife will start searching all the aspects that her husband don’t have in another person. In order to fill the missing part of marriage a woman will definitely search sense of completion and fulfillment. A woman loves to be romanced. A woman hates to be ignored by her husband especially when she is in romantic mood. (Lamanna, and Riedmann, 34) On the other hand it is very important for a woman to take especial care of her husband by being a good friend. Without a friendly environment a healthier marriage partnership can not be formed.
Pleasure, Sexuality and Sexual Satisfaction
Today in the discreet world of sex small factors may lead to big problems in the coming future. Women sexual desires are far stronger than men. Women are sexual and they desire love from their husbands in form of sexuality. When the testosterone level of men drops with age then their sexual performance not remains the same and as a result they fail to sexually satisfy their wives. In this manner a man’s ego is hurt badly and he doesn’t prefer to have sex with his wife. (Lamanna, and Riedmann, 76) If the husband will not give sexual attention to his wife then she will stray to someone else’s bedroom. This can break the foundation of even a strong marriage relationship.
Six Styles of Love
There are six different styles of love which are used by people to express their love. Following are the six different styles of love:
Eros is a sensual style of love; it is the love of beauty. These lovers are called erotic and they chose their life partner by natural chemistry or intuition. They fall in love at first sight. For erotic lovers sex is an ultimate experience and marriage is an extended honeymoon.
These lovers are generally called players. They focus mainly on quantity of a relationship and ignore the quality. Their main aim is to have fun as much as possible. For a Ludus lover marriage is like a trap. These lovers are the ones who commit infidelity.
These lovers are normally friends in the first place. Their love grows slowly from the foundation of friendship. For them friendship is the most important thing and they cannot express the moment in which friendship turned into pure love.
These lovers are practical. When it comes to expectations from their partner pragmatic lovers think realistically as well as rationally. Pragmatic lovers want to achieve common goals and love to work with their partner. There main focus is on finding value in their partner.
This kind of lovers has usually low self esteem and focus much on their relationship. These lovers want to talk about their life partner in a superlative and possessive manner. They use haphazard means to discover their life partner.
This type of love is “self-sacrificing”. They lovers are generally religious or spiritual people. They consider their partner to be blessing from God and they love to entertain their partner and take a good care of them.
Marriage is a bond between two people who love each other. Many desires are fulfilled by marriage. For the formation of healthier partnership it is very important for both partners to take good care of each other in ever sense. Husbands should give love, confidence and sexual satisfaction to their wives. If husband fails to provide these things to his wife then there is a change that she will go in someone else’s arms. Mutual co-operation is required for the formation of healthier marriage relationship.

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