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Exchange Theory: Family And Marriage Relationships - Term Paper Example

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Human relationship is one of the most unpredictable and disputed phenomenon among all scientific facts and studies. Our interactions with each other build a complicated sphere of life that influence on our breeding, development, growth, physiological estate and perception…
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Exchange Theory: Family And Marriage Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that in most cases it seems that there is nothing more transparent and plain than people’s communication and behavior, occasionally marriage, family and couple relationships manage to reach an impasse. The moments of misunderstanding, conflicts and clashes may occur on every stage of human relationships. Psychologists assume that specific part of quarrels should take place in each normal relationship for ensuring a healthy atmosphere within a couple. However, it is essential to have the right proportion between negative and positive emotions of the union, always weighting own costs along with partner’s return and benefits of the relationships. Democratization of our society is built such way that every time when we make an attempt to create strong relationships we select somebody, meantime being picked out by others. Frequently these choices do not match with each other, due to the influence of the numerous factors. Choosing a right person for marriage, people always estimate each other, examining partner’s background, education, appearance, traits of character, social status, physical attractiveness, ability to be considerate, supportive, generous et cetera. All these characteristics are put on the one scale pan, while own costs to build coveted relationships are laid on another one. The concept of different shares of the inputs and rewards is grounded in the so-called exchange theory, which affirms that each partner estimates the mentioned factors during decision-making concerning the continuation or dissolution of the relationships. The main idea of the theory developed in 1960s is based on the fact that “the resources that individuals bring to a relationship or family affect formation, continuation, nature, and power dynamics of a relationship” (Lamanna et al, 2011). It is quite logical that individuals try to receive the biggest rewards from their relationships and consequently minimize own costs. In this respect, every person strives to choose the most worthwhile relationships that will manage to bring the biggest return. Analyzing initial features of the potential partners, occasionally people are able to make a wrong choice in the connection with dominating role of emotions and false feelings. The problem of such choice along with the main notions of the exchange theory is depicted in the romantic comedy by Andy Tennant “Sweet Home Alabama”. The movie tells a story about young Melanie Carmichael, formerly known by surname Smooter, who has managed to run away from boring life in a country and moved to crowded and noisy New York City, where she supposes to find huge opportunities and desirable perspectives. Becoming a successful fashion designer and getting engaged with promising politician, Miss Smooter forgets about her homeland very quickly, acting and feeling herself almost as a native citizen of the Big Apple. Only small circumstance, such as uncancelled marriage with Jake Perry, compels the heroine to come back to sweet Alabama, which accepts a girl in unfriendly manner due to a lot of hurts, offences and misunderstandings that have been left by Melanie with her departure. Relationships with a current husband turn out to be very intense due to the mutual anger, which partners feel to each other. Jake is infuriated with Melanie because of her abrupt leaving and Mel in her turn is mad because Mr. Perry has not endorsed papers for divorce yet. Melanie’s relations with parents also have become pretty cool. Especially we can notice it in episode when Mrs. Smooter returns unclaimed tickets to Melanie, who says that she does not understand how come her parents care about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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