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Why should saudi arabia care about climate change - Research Paper Example

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Climate change is one of the biggest concerns for the entire planet today because the lives of every creature on this planet appear to be on risk. Without any doubts, only if all the countries and nations in the world unite for this cause then only we could move towards a solution. …
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Why should saudi arabia care about climate change
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"Why should saudi arabia care about climate change"

Download file to see previous pages Without any doubts, only if all the countries and nations in the world unite for this cause then only we could move towards a solution. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries, which has received the label on being an obstructionist to this cause because reducing carbon emissions would seriously hamper their economy. This paper is an attempt to show that “why should Saudi Arabia care about climate change”. This paper, written with the help of secondary sources, shows that with a shift from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources and creating a service based, free market, private sector dominated economy would allow the kingdom to remove inefficiencies from the economy and would result in creation of an economy, which would be less vulnerable to external shocks. Second, Saudi Arabia itself is facing the consequences of climate change in form of increasing temperatures, evaporation of Lake Layla, and other water sources, sand storms and others. Third, if Saudi Arabia continues to obstruct and create problems for in global climate change then it would not be long before the world would decide to corner Saudi Arabia and impose sanctions and barriers on trade with the country. Fourth, the world is actively looking for alternative energy resources and the kingdom would not be able to blackmail the world for long. Fifth, according to the Islamic principles, it is the responsibility of the government to save the planet. Sixth, if Saudi Arabia continues to destroy the environment with its carbon emissions then this current generation would not be able to look into the eyes of their children for which they would leave the planet in the worse condition. TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 INTRODUCTION 4 METHODS 4 RESULTS 5 DISCUSSION 6 CONCLUSION 9 REFERENCES 11 INTRODUCTION Without any doubts, the man of today and the world of today are entirely different from the first man on earth and the face of the earth when human civilization began. Over these past thousands of years, human growth and development has taken place exponentially. However, at the other side of the picture, this development and progress have to the human civilization with strings attached to it (Moran, pp. 54-59, 2011). Global warming and climate change has already started to effect the environment and atmosphere of the earth and it appears that it would not be long before we witness drastic effects of this climate change. It is time that people should ask themselves one simple question that is “When we leave this world, would we be able to provide it to our coming generation in the same condition (if not better) in which we received it from our forefathers (Burroughs, pp. 58-59, 2005). Saudi Arabia is one of those countries, which has remained in the spotlight as the “bad guy” for obstructing and delaying all the resolutions, major movements, and collective global level actions taken for fighting with global warming and environmental destruction. Saudi Arabian administration believes that by doing so it is “protecting its own interests” like every other country (Beniston, pp. 26, 2002). This paper is an attempt to shed some light on the fact that “why Saudi Arabia should care about Climate Change”. METHODS This research paper will mainly rely on the secondary sources such as books, journals, articles, previously conducted researches, facts, figures, statistics, and others. However, it has been ensured that the data and information, which is being used, is reliable and authentic. RESULTS With a glance at the available secondary data about the topic, there are many reasons why the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should be concerned about the environmental issues and climate change. Important here to note is that a shift from high ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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