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DESIGN IS/ISN'T DEAD - Research Paper Example

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Is Design Dead? The question of design in the contemporary world has taken on a number of important elements and raised an equal number of questions. With the contemporary explosion of Internet technology and post-modern trends in art and design, the nature of original design as existing at the forefront of importance has been called into question…
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Download file to see previous pages While many individuals believe that ‘cutting-edge’ art is in great emerging from new technology, a great amount of illustration is still being implemented in commercial contexts as a means of gaining a more unique, customized, or organic design feel. One such designer working in a commercial context is Luc Latulippe. While previously working as an animator, Latulippe currently illustrates advertisements and magazine articles. Below is one such piece he constructed for Enterprise Magazine. Figure 1 Enterprise Magazine In considering Latulippe’s style and structural approach it’s clear that conceptually he is greatly influenced by the constraints the particular project places on his work. In terms of conceptual strategies, Latulippe implements a highly colorful and marketable approach. His work is also seems to incorporate influences from graphic novels in creating a crisp and sharp approach to illustration. Another illustrator working successfully in the commercial world is Ken Adams. While Latulippe’s approach is more commercial and slightly conformist in tone, Adams conceptual approach is clearly more rooted in innovative and genre challenging design processes. In addition, Adams has a highly individualized illustration style, so that companies looking to work with him already have an idea of the type of tone and theme they will generally be receiving. The image below is one of Ken Adam’s illustrations. One will note that this image combines a photographic background, with Adam’s illustration in the foreground to create a unique and more powerful effect on the viewer. Figure 2 Kev Adams While the designs that have been examined so far have worked within the commercial field of design (advertising, magazines, etc.), a large amount of illustrators continue to do work in less commercial contexts. One such designer is Los Angeles, California based Johnny Ryan. Ryan’s work is highly sensational depictions of individuals murdering other individuals, or other such fantastical depictions of content. In these regards, one might consider his influences television shows such as Ren and Stimpy or South Park. His illustration style reflects these influences. While it lacks the polished marketability of the earlier designers, it makes up for these shortcomings in its unique style and artistic credibility. In addition to Ryan’s implementation of a unique style, a great amount of his illustrations are ultimately used in his own comics. In these regards, there is an important storytelling aspect to the conceptual nature of his designs. In these regards, illustration is essential to Johnny Ryan’s work as a designer and comic artist. Figure 3 Johnny Ryan Another important graphic novel illustrator working today is Daniel Clowes. Perhaps of all the artists discussed Daniel Clowes has gained the most renown. In addition to being a designer, Clowes also works as a storyteller writing graphic novels that have captured the public’s imagination and been formed into films. One such work was Ghost World. In these regards, it’s clear that Clowes’ conceptual process is greatly influenced by his need to fit his designs into the overall story he is presenting. In addition to this, it’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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