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Police Training - Research Paper Example

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Police Training Introduction Police training is a course intended to improve the skills and the knowledge of the new recruits and uniformed police officers. This course deals with large and small police departments. During this training course, the officers are presented with techniques and ideas to help them tackle their assigned duties…
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Police Training
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"Police Training"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, they are charged with the special tasks like surveillance, VIP protection, child protection, and counter terrorism. They are also offered training about how to perform investigation on major crimes such as rape, drug trafficking, murder, and fraud cases. However, police officers are anticipated to react very rapidly to a range of scenarios that may arise and intervene an incident of crime either when on or off duty. Rules and regulations states how a police officer should respond and perform within the society. In some nations, regulations and rules states that police officer is anticipated to appear in an incident of crime, even if they are on leave (Johnson, 2007). Additionally, at the crime scene, the police officer is assigned the duty to collect evidence concerning the crime investigations as well as identifying the witnesses to show evidence in the court of law. They also offer first aid to the injured person in accidents like car crashes and shoot outs. They must obtain a written document from the scene of an accident. Another important duty of the police officer is to escort the criminals to and from the court during their trials, remove the wreckage from the scene of an accident as well as controlling the traffic. ...
Entry Qualifications and promotion of police Recruitment of police officers usually follows the common procedure, and candidates must have undertaken some formal education. There are personality characteristics that have been used to identify the desirability of police applicant such as honesty, neuroticism, extroversn, carefulness, and friendliness as suggested by (Pope, 1981). While, the undesirable characteristics of police are; hostility, obsession, lack of impulse control, fear or suspicion, and substance abuse. Before training of police starts, the aforementioned are considered to be the best qualifications as far as character is concerned. Before receiving promotions to the higher positions especially from constable to inspectors or sergeants, a scheme has been developed whereby people who hold university degrees are considered and must spend two to three years serving the position as constables. Recruitment of police is also conducted from those who have security services or military experience. For instance, Johnson illustrated that in the United States, state laws may relates to the qualification standards in regardless of education, age, training, and status of criminal record though in other nations qualification requirements are set by local police agencies (2007). However, for one to get promotion to the higher rank, he or she must attend and pass some kind of interview board, examination, or other procedures of selections. Even though promotion generally entails salary increase, it again includes with it an increase in responsibility and mainly, an improvement of administrative rules and regulations. Generally upon the completion of two years of service, specialist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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