Fictional children's story about homelessness + critical component - Assignment Example

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And you thought you knew everything After a week long spell of rainfall, today was a bright Sunday morning. Sam’s long wait for a sunny day was finally over. All week, Sam had been going back to the street where the Robinson’s lived, to check if the ad was still there…
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Fictional childrens story about homelessness + critical component
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"Fictional children's story about homelessness + critical component"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, he could not ask her to get him a new pair. One day he decided, it was time to get new shoes at his own. He’d been saving money for a month now. And today he could finally paint the fence outside Robinson’s house and get the remaining money that he needed for buying the shoes. While passing a shop on his way, Sam noticed his reflection in the glass window. Except for the fresh wound from last evening, he thought he looked presentable. A day earlier, Sam was on his way to the basketball court when a random car stopped near him for merely a second. The window rolled down and a stone came out and landed on his forehead. So, seeing his reflection, Sam adjusted his hair to hide the wound and continued heading towards Mr. Robinson’s house. The Robinson’s place was a huge white house with a beautiful front garden. The fence Sam was to paint surrounded the lush green garden, and added to the homely feeling of the house. Ringing the bell, he was invited in by Mrs. Robinson. The house felt warm, cozy and welcoming from inside as well. She led Sam to Mr. Robinson’s study where she offered him some homemade cake as well. Sam instantly developed a liking for the Robinsons family. Sam was 14 years old. So he got the work on basis of a class assignment in which he had to share a thrilling experience. He told Mr. Robinson that he had decided to paint for the assignment but his house neither had a fence nor anything else that could be painted. Mr. Robinson agreed to help and provided him with the paint brush, a bucket of paint and a pair of his son’s old clothes which seemed newer to Sam than the ones he was wearing. So, Sam kept them and decided to work in his own. Sam found the painting job easy. Being near the Robinsons family was a pleasant experience for him. From time to time, Mrs. Robinson would come out to check how he was doing, and gave him something homemade to eat on every visit. Robinson’s family comprised of the parents, a 4 year old daughter and a son of Sam’s age. After a while the family came out in the lawn to enjoy the sun. The boy started playing with Jack, his dog. The little girl sat near her mother scribbling on a drawing pad. Mr. Robinson sat on the lawn chair and got busy reading the newspaper. Sam smiled watching them. In nearly two hours, Sam’s work was complete. Stepping back and looking at his work, Sam felt thrilled, noticing that he had done a decent job. The Robinsons liked it too. So he took the money and headed towards the shoes’ shop. On his way, he kept nibbling on the brownie Mrs. Robinson had given him for the way. He did not remember the last time he had something so tasty to eat. Sam crossed a pet shop on the way. His glance rested on a kitten sleeping in a white cage. With a creased forehead, he watched the kitten for a minute. He went inside and bought it with the money he had saved for the shoes. He kissed the cat and whispered in its ear, ‘I will give you something that I don’t have’. A few minutes later, he knocked at the door of the town’s shelter that he lived in. References Capdevila, G. (2005). More Than 100 Million Homeless Worldwide. Retrieved from This article highlights how homelessness has become a worldwide problem in the developed as well as developing countries. The government policies and inadequate housing plans suppress the poor and force them to live without proper housing altogether. The story is themed on this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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