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The Process of Changing the Oil in Your Car - Research Paper Example

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This essay concerns the process of changing the oil in one's car. As it is stated in the text, changing the oil of your car is not really as hard as it seemed to be. There are simple steps for you to follow and be able to do it. …
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The Process of Changing the Oil in Your Car
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"The Process of Changing the Oil in Your Car"

Download file to see previous pages To change the oil, you need to drain the car first of its old oil. The used oil can be drained out of the oil pan at bottom of your engine. The pan that holds the oil has a drain plug that looks like a big bolt of which you need to remove to drain the old oil. But before removing the drain plug, make sure that you have already positioned your container beneath the oil drain. The container will catch the used oil as it spills out of the pan. When it is already in place, you can now remove the drain plug and let the old oil pour into the container. When all of the old oil is already drained into your container, replace the drain plug and tighten it.
After draining the pan of the used oil, you have to remove the old oil filter. Most of the time, you will have to be under your car to do this but sometimes it can be reached from the top of the engine that you will not have to crawl under your car. You can remove the old oil filter by using an oil filter wrench to turn it in the counter clockwise until it’s loosed. But before installing the new oil filter, lubricate it first with the new oil so that rubber gasket can easily be screwed when you install it. After lubricating the new oil filter, you can now fill it with the new oil of about 2/3 of its capacity. After that, you can now install it into its place. Carefully hold it upright and screw it clockwise; remember to be careful because it has oil in it so it won’t spill. Lastly, you can now fill the engine with your new oil. To do this, just remove or unscrew the oil fill cap and inject the smaller end of your funnel. At this stage, it is important to check your owner’s manual if you are doing this the first time of how much oil your engine can hold. The amount of oil your engine can hold varies with different type of vehicles so it is important to check. When you have already checked the capacity of oil your engine can hold, put the new oil in it remembering that the amount of oil you have put into the engine will be just a little more than ? of what it can hold. Never throw you used oil on the ground, nor dispose it on a river, creek or in a garbage bin. Remember that oil is combustible and can be dangerous to any organism living in a body of water. Instead, call your local gas station or oil change station and ask if they would like to have your used oil. Most of them would take your used oil because this can be recycled for future use. This would not only decrease our dependence for foreign sources oil but also helps to preserve the environment as well. When you have done all of this process without a glitch, congratulate yourself for you have just saved yourself some money. Word count: 760 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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