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Stem cell and should it be federally funded - Research Paper Example

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Instructor name Date Stem Cell Research Should Be Federally Funded The introduction of new medical technologies has benefited society considerably. For instance, the introduction of antibiotics and vaccines has significantly improved the welfare of people all over the world…
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Stem cell research and should it be federally funded
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"Stem cell and should it be federally funded"

Download file to see previous pages The present enthusiasm over prospective stem cell-produced remedies radiates from the new innovations of genetic biology. Though one cannot forecast the results from basic research, there is enough information available to suggest that a good deal of this enthusiasm is justified. This enthusiasm is not shared by those of the religious right. This faction is opposed to embryonic stem cell research which they claim as immoral and characterize as devaluing human life, much the same as does abortion, drawing a link between the two. This discussion will provide a brief overview of stem cell research and its benefits to society, the debate surrounding the issue and the arguments for continued research. Embryonic stem cells possess the ability to restore defective or damaged tissues which would heal or regenerate organs which have been adversely affected by a degenerative disease. Cell therapy has the very real potential to provide new cures for diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis and many other kinds of diseases. Cell therapy has also demonstrated a great potential to help repair and regenerate spinal cord injuries which would help paralyzed patients recapture lost body functions. The possibilities are limitless including greatly advancing the human lifespan because aging organs could be replenished. “We may even have the ability one day to grow our own organs for transplantation from our own stem cells, eliminating the danger of organ rejection.” 1 The three main objectives given for pursuing stem cell research are obtaining vital scientific information about embryonic development; curing incapacitating ailments and for testing new drugs instead of having to use animals. The scientific techniques for obtaining stem cells could lead to unparalleled advances and even cures for these and other ailments. It has been substantiated from animal research that stem cells can be differentiated into cells that will behave appropriately in their transplanted location. For example, the transplantation of stem cells following treatments for cancer has found much success for many years. There are numerous potential sources. The first is bone marrow stem cells. This type of stem cell is probably the most recognized of the stem cells. It has been used routinely to treat a variety of blood and bone marrow diseases, blood cancers and immune disorders. Leukemia is the most recognized disease that has been treated with a bone marrow transplant. New evidence suggests that bone marrow stem cells may be able to differentiate (the process by which an unspecialized cell acquires the features of a specialized cell) into cells that make up tissues outside of the blood such as liver and muscle. 2 The second type of stem cell is the adult stem cell. An adult stem cell is thought to be an undifferentiated cell, found among differentiated cells in tissues or organs. These cells can renew themselves and can differentiate to become some or all of the major specialized cells types in the tissue and muscle it resides in. The primary function of this type of stem cell is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they reside. Because there are a very limited number of adult stem cells in each tissue coupled with their limited capacity to divide; making generation of large quantities of these cells is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stem Cell Research
...? Stem Cell Research Stem cells are the cells with immense potential to generate and develop into diverse cell types required for the research studies or for organogenesis. The capability of stem cells to turn into any cell type that the body requires highlights their chief potential in treating diseases and repair the damaged organ or tissues. The ability of the stem cells to generate the desired organ is exploited to produce new skin, heart, muscle or liver tissue. These newly formed organs could be transplanted into...
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Should Stem cell research be federally funded
...Full (day month year) Should Stem Cell Research be Federally Funded Introduction Federal funding forstem cell research remains a point of contention not only in the scientific and political spheres but also in the general public forum. Although, the lines dividing opposing sides are not clear cut, the positions center around two polarized arguments. On one hand, proponents of federal funding for stem cell research cite the great potential of research findings for...
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Stem cell research
...for abortion. One church, the Presbyterian Church USA gives their support for the stem cell research and believes that the stem cell research has good aims. Taking stem cells from the embryos is considered unethical and immoral which would certainly deter millions of religious individuals from even going to a hospital! (Weiss)The opinions are different but the brighter side certainly overweighs the negative one. Scientists are completely in support of stem cell research and the governments are funding for the research....
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Stem Cell Research Legislation
...cell was achieved, DHHS attempted to interpret the bill in favor to federal funding on the research, but the critics of embryonic stem cell research overturned the move. Schechter (2010) avers that upon assuming office in 2001, George Bush announced that federal funding would be provided for research involving already existing stem cell lines. Additionally, President Bush under the rejected the amendment that required the government to relax its orders on the federal funding restrictions. The main...
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Stem Cell Research
...that human beings should not interfere in the natural design of the human body especially when scientists are still not sure of the probable effect of those stem cells on the human body (Peral, Reubinoff, and Trounson). In addition, the rejection of stem cells research is based on many ethical considerations. First of all, the issue of stem cells is usually connected to the debate over abortion as one source for stem cells is aborted embryos. So, analysts should examine the significance of the abortion debate on stem...
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Stem Cell Research - Stem cell research
...STEM CELL RESEARCH The basic unit of stem cell research is the cell itself. A stem cell is a kind of cell that has the potential to divide or multiply indefinitely in culture. In fact these cells are destined to become any one of more than 200 different types of tissue cells in the body, such as muscle cells, blood cells, nerve cells and even new teeth. Science and technology has developed so much that in the recent years scientists hope to use these cells to develop new...
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Stem Cell Research (outline)
.... This is all a great opportunity to help people, but just because stem cells are useful does not mean we should jump aboard every new bandwagon as it comes along. Cloning for example can offer huge problems. We must carefully examine the evidence at issues at hand before deciding whether we should pursue a new form of scientific research or avoid it altogether. Work cited Forman, Lillian. Stem Cell Research, ABDO, 2007. Gravitz, L.. Medicines New Toolbox. Technology Review, 112(4), 40-43. July, 2009. Herold, E. Stem cell wars: Inside stories from the frontlines. New...
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Stem Cell Research
...polarizing debate. On one hand, certain people think the issue is black and white. Theyre certain that using stem cells is morally wrong. They believe it can be solved simply, sometimes by just interpreting the constitution. For many people it is very hard for someone to believe research involving them should be banned. Stem cells offer some of the substantial and important possibilities in the fields of medical science open to us today. I believe we must seize this opportunity. The issue is a nuanced one that society really needs to think about (Herold 22). Whether or not you believe using an embryonic stem...
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Stem Cell Research Legislation
...of the research process with the incentive of federal funding. Future direction should be liberal in this field of knowledge without looking toward prohibitive or conservative values about the moral and ethical appropriateness of stem cell research in order to ensure that the research is worth the investment to society well-being. With the assistance of Congressional figures maintaining hard statistical data on its successes, it is likely that stem cell research will continue forward and advance human health. State-level autonomy also provides for better...
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Embryonic Stem Cell Research
...of research and medicine as it disrespect the value of life or should we permit the destruction of embryo to promote its research, which has excellent potential benefits? Varying conviction between religion and science in regards to Human life’s inception has yielded to uncalled for controversy more so in embryonic stem cell research. Hence, prompting some contended the controversy is about annihilating human embryos for it is by far from ES cell research. Even the staunch dissenters have shown some support and approval towards other stem cell...
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