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Should Stem cell research be federally funded - Essay Example

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Student’s Full Date (day month year) Should Stem Cell Research be Federally Funded? 1. Introduction Federal funding for stem cell research remains a point of contention not only in the scientific and political spheres but also in the general public forum…
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Should Stem cell research be federally funded
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"Should Stem cell research be federally funded"

Download file to see previous pages The potential contributions to treatment justify the claim for federal funding in order for stem cell research to achieve this potential. Funding for various specialized areas of stem cell research are required, including embryonic research, since development in one area affects progress in other areas. The difficulty in asserting this position is the lack of tangible treatment results to convince policymakers, legislators and the public to allocate federal funds for research advancement. On the other hand, those who oppose federal funding for stem cell research gravitate towards the argument that stem cell research involves the destruction of embryos, which have the potential for human life. Those who oppose federal funding for stem cell research do not denounce stem cell research in general but only stem cell research on human embryos. In effect, the federal government is participating in the destruction of life by funding stem cell research. With the two arguments grounded on very different belief systems, there appears to be no point of reconciliation for the two sides of the debate. The discussion describes stem cell research, the debate, the quest for federal funding, and political and legal trends, public opinion trends, and recommended solutions to support the response to the question: should stem cell research be federally funded? 2. ...
These stem cells can be found in embryos at the early stage of development, fetal tissue and adult organs. Of these three sources, stem cells are more abundant and easier to isolate from embryos than from other sources, especially adult tissue. Moreover, reengineering stem cell is less feasible if these came from adult organs and more likely in stem cell from embryos. Stem cell research involves isolating and replicating stem cells from embryos and then reengineering stem cells to become any cell type. (“New Limits” 29) As such, progress in stem cell research for the purpose reengineering stem cells to become specific cell types would progress when working with embryonic samples. There are different kinds of stem cells depending on the degree of plasticity or variability in creating cell types. A totipotent stem cell is considered to have the greatest plasticity. A fertilized egg is a totipotent stem cell because it can create all human organs of a living organism. Totipotent stem cells are used in fertility laboratories. During the initial stage of embryonic development, cell divisions lead to totipotent cells. Latter cell divisions give rise to more stem cells that are beginning to give rise to more specific cell types. (Biven 95; Wagner 8) A pluripotent stem cell emerges from the latter stages of cell division. An embryo has two layers, an outer layer that will form into the placenta and an inner layer called embryoblast that will form the human organism. The inner layer needs the outer layer to give rise to an organism. Pluripotent stem cell comprises of the inner layer of the embryo. By isolating the embryoblast, the potential to create an organism is eliminated, which comprises the foundation of ethical opposition to stem cell research. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Anyone who has seen actor Michael J. Fox testify in front of a congressional hearing on the issue can start to begin to understand the effects of Parkinson's disease in the form of bodily shaking and tremors. It is the hope with the funding of stem cell research, people like Mr.
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There are three main types of stem cells: embryonic, adult and induced pluripotent stem cells; of which, embryonic stem cells are found in early embryos and can have the potential of developing into any cell in the body. Adult stems are found in populations around the body after birth such as in the bone marrow and can develop into a limited range of cells, while induced pluripotent stem cells are grown in the laboratory and can be modified to be more specialized.
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Some researchers regard them as offering the greatest potential for the alleviation of human suffering since the development of antibiotics; scientists have therefore established ways of coaxing these cells in order to develop most of the human cells. Researchers claim that these cells may be used to replace or repair damaged cells, and they possess the potential to drastically change the treatment to many diseases, like bone loss, broken bones, brain damage due to oxygen starvation, severe burns, cancer (some forms), diabetes, Lou Gehrig's disease, heart disease, hepatitis, incomplete bladder control, Huntington's, leukemia, lupus, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, Par
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The pluripotent stem cells also referred as embryonic cells have the ability to differentiate into every cell of the body while the multipotent (adult) stem cells can only differentiate into multiple cells but not all cell lineages in the body. Research on stem cells spans a broad range of scientific and medical fields.
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Currently, no research on human embryos can be supported with federal funds because of the controversial origins of these cells (Gerald D. Fischbach, 2004). The root of the argument lies around embryonic stem cells, which enable research that may support the development of medical treatments, but requires the destruction of an embryo to derive.
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Investigators from 14 laboratories in the United States, India, Israel, Singapore, Sweden, and South Korea have derived stem cells from 71 individual, genetically diverse blastocysts. These derivations meet the President's criteria for use in federally funded human embryonic stem cell research.
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During the last several years there has been a renewed interest in the research and development of stem cells, with the hope of finding a cure for many untreatable diseases. Skepticism regarding graft versus host rejection problems, the potential need for lifetime administration of immunosuppressors and tumour and teratoma formation has delayed authorizations to reproduce pre-clinical safety and efficacy in experimental human trials.
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